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  1. 6 minutes ago, Jeepyb said:

    Maybe they changed it ? ( I bought my unit pretty much when they released it for the first time). Mine was about half the size of the other switches on the panel and rectangular in shape as opposed to rounded/cylindrical. It also had quite a bit of play between the 3 stages. Don't know what happened on the moving truck but they wrapped the thing pretty well and it still arrived broken.

    Sounds like the switch I have and it's pretty solid metal even though it's not a big chunky round one, which bit broke? Was it the actual lever part of the switch or did the switch come away from the panel itself? You'll prob need to open it for anyone to have any input on what a suitable replacement could be, I know a hat I replaced in my stick grip had some circuits attached to it too, I don't expect that with this 3 way but  you never know...

    Also if it arrived broken I'm pretty sure WW will just send you a replacement.

  2. 36 minutes ago, rapid said:

    Nothing wrong with saying ...no more orders untill such time to be fair.

    Then email people back and see if they still require the product when you can supply the goods.


    Sure, I guess that's unfortunately something he hasn't done, I will say he seems to be learning on the fly a little here.

    My point was more we shouldn't be looking to drive him out of business for some errors while he's growing.

  3. 1 hour ago, protea1 said:

    I suppose one can complain to the Chinese authorities......they are holding lots of funds for many months....without fulfilling their obligations of the orders....!

    The authorities  dont take kindly to BS....gonna look into this further....I wonder how many orders are "pending"?

    200? 500? 1000? this adds up to a considerable amount ......just a thought!

    You hire EXTRA help etc if you are swamped....the covid story is not an excuse....everything back to normal there....

    Why take additional orders....if you cant cope? and saying cancel and re-order later?




    I can see he's getting much better with communication on what is going on, sure things have been rough but what's the plan here drive a little guy out of business because he's behind on orders? Doesn't seem like a good plan that gets much done for the community IMO...

  4. 44 minutes ago, Rubber Biscuit said:

    I have not used any stick but Thrustmaster t16000, I do like the Orion HOTAS but I find the stick springs a little on the heavy side. I still like using the Orion but would like it if the springs were a little lighter, I would upgrade to lighter springs in they were available. 

    The cougar has some really beasty springs in it 🙂 I reckon I beefed up my right arm using that stick over the years.
    With the extension on I put so little pressure on to move the stick, have you considered trying even just a small extension to help here?

  5. 6 hours ago, Recluse said:

    Hi,  I've read a lot of reviews of the WinWing and Warthog comparisons.  I have been using a Cougar for many years and it is overdue for replacement. Thinking about the WinWing Orion.  What are the springs like on the stick? I got used to the pretty heavy throw of the Cougar (which I guess is similar to the Warthog). Wondering how the Orion is in comparison. In a lot of videos, it seems like the stick moves around with very little effort.

    I went from the cougar to the super libra, I'm using the default springs with extension as a centre mount, they do supply tougher springs. The lighter springs are great for more precision that you simply could not achieve with the cougar in my opinion, I can now fly for hours and hours without fatigue. The upgrade was like chalk and cheese and as much as I loved my cougar and it served me well all those years it's no competition.

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  6. 4 hours ago, evilnate said:

    My dad is getting into DCS and I was shopping around for his xmas gift. He loves the hornet but has been trying to learn with the old X-52 pro.

    I liked the look of the super taurus and libra, but after seeing these pics and video I might have to shell out a little extra money to go for a virpil set. 

    Thanks for sharing @rooster328


    Just be aware it seems a pretty consistent practice for all these manufacturers to deal with warranty issues by sending parts. Shipping is a killer in this industry so it's a way to keep costs down. They all seem to have a certain expectation that the end user can open or knows someone that can open the kit up.

  7. 6 hours ago, rapid said:

    When you look at it...are they really worth all this hassel? 

    That's the key question, I went this path for the convenience of not having to think/do too much myself. I'm sure covid has played a role here and I think if he gets it all sorted then it will be worth it, sadly I think we're early adopters and going through some of the teething issues.

  8. 1 hour ago, rooster328 said:

    Here's a link to what my USB was doing.  It was getting worse and worse till finally it just fell out of the housing.  Which other controllers out there have a removable USB?  It seems they set themselves up for this problem.  Now they don't want to deal with it.


    What you have shown us here is that it is indeed loose, I dont think any of us are disputing that at all.

    What we're asking to understand is if it's a "serious structural defect" as you've said above or simply a loose screw that can be put back in easily. Look forward to hearing an update once it's been cracked open and diagnosis done.

  9. On 11/1/2021 at 6:00 AM, rooster328 said:

    I'd suggest you email Winwing  "info@winwing.cn" to ask them about this and that you're concerned it may fail down the road .


    Before we mass spam them be good to get an understanding of if there is really a "structural weakness" or just a loose screw, do you have an update on what your failure was or any more pics of the internals?

    If it's the later and I ever have problems I'll just pop it open and fix it...

  10. On 10/26/2021 at 9:59 PM, rapid said:

    Yeah, I think he is trying to reboot his Webpage so all may not be lost.


    I think he will come through for you.

    I'm sure he will, he says they have shipped and the tracking number will be provided within 2 weeks. Tough times with the world logistics the way they are atm.

    He's still very responsive and helpful, I really don't think he's out to rip anyone off, he's just facing some difficult supply/shipping issues.

  11. 11 hours ago, The LT said:

    I chose my words correctly based on factual evidence and my own experience with them. 


    That's fine for the bit where you say "dont trust winwing" if you're basing that off your experience. But where you say not to trust other posters experience (the bit I explicitly called out) you are not basing that off any knowledge of the posters or their experience, seems unnecessary. We stuck to the facts of our own experience, we don't try to say not to trust you or your experience with them, all the information is relevant to this poster or others reading the thread.

    I'll reiterate here, while there is a language barrier both cubesim and winwing have always remained responsive to my queries, if this changes I'll be happy to say so. I'd recommend remaining polite, having some patience and keeping your communication as clear and succinct as possible. Definitely use the protections that are there for you and even explain to winwing your reasons for doing that are simply for your own protection.

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  12. 24 minutes ago, The LT said:

    I am not discrediting anyone.

    Don't trust the people above who tell "they will send parts" either


    I'd recommend choosing your words wiser in written communication then...

    Yeah I am active on the other thread, cubesim has been nothing but responsive, yes he's having issues but he does do his best to communicate what is going on, the only reason I have to escalate that is that there are dates paypal puts around that. I still expect that will close out by me getting my screens rather than a refund, but that doesn't mean I wont take precautions.

    I'd say both with WW and cubesim they didn't realise how much they'd grow in english speaking countries and maybe weren't quite so prepared for the challenges. I see that they both put in pretty decent efforts in my dealings with them though.

  13. 3 hours ago, The LT said:

    Don't trust their word. Just don't. Don't trust the people above who tell "they will send parts" either. See the Cubesim thread here on the forum to see how other Chinese manufacturer does business to get an idea why you should not trust them.

    I won't say anything else because some people here are too sensitive while having zero understanding about regular business practices in China.

    Simply speaking from experience, I have parts here that have been sent from winwing no questions asked, sent in a photo of the bit that needed replacing was in the mail the next day. I think MustangSally is the same, there are a heap of others on discord that are in the same boat too.

    Of course you can counter that with your experience, that makes perfect sense. Try not to look to discredit people for simply informing the OP of how they have dealt with the company, it doesn't make you seem like a particularly helpful member of the community.

    Not closing the dispute is good advice, wait until it is resolved to close it out.


  14. I'll second the above, get on discord and have a chat there with Tony409.

    The other thing I'm going to suggest is that you break this down into smaller easier to digest bites for winwing. I've read your posts and even with fluent English struggling to understand what has already been done and what needs to be done.

    I think the issue you have outstanding is the left throttle handle is missing in its entirety, eg you're saying it was never in the box?

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  15. 16 hours ago, rapid said:

    My original order was in March and i asked for a refund in August which I was refunded.

    He emailed me back on the 31 August saying that he can forefill the order. I placed an order again on his word that he can ship me the goods on time on the 5th September, sent him a couple more emails and got my FedEx shipm,ent number in October.

    Has he said that he has shipped yours?

    Comms back earlier in Oct said that it was shipped and on the way to hong kong and that I would get a shipping number soon. Been about 13 days since then though with no more info.

  16. 22 minutes ago, rapid said:

    When did you place your order as I only got mine whe hhad a screen delievery.

    Thanks man, I put my order in April, he had said i'd have shipping by 25th sept but I've just passed my paypal date so had to put a dispute in. Nov 5 is the cutoff there for if I hit the escalate button or close it out, really hoping he can get me the shipping done before then.

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