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  1. I'm sure he will, he says they have shipped and the tracking number will be provided within 2 weeks. Tough times with the world logistics the way they are atm. He's still very responsive and helpful, I really don't think he's out to rip anyone off, he's just facing some difficult supply/shipping issues.
  2. That's fine for the bit where you say "dont trust winwing" if you're basing that off your experience. But where you say not to trust other posters experience (the bit I explicitly called out) you are not basing that off any knowledge of the posters or their experience, seems unnecessary. We stuck to the facts of our own experience, we don't try to say not to trust you or your experience with them, all the information is relevant to this poster or others reading the thread. I'll reiterate here, while there is a language barrier both cubesim and winwing have always remained responsive to my queries, if this changes I'll be happy to say so. I'd recommend remaining polite, having some patience and keeping your communication as clear and succinct as possible. Definitely use the protections that are there for you and even explain to winwing your reasons for doing that are simply for your own protection.
  3. I'd recommend choosing your words wiser in written communication then... Yeah I am active on the other thread, cubesim has been nothing but responsive, yes he's having issues but he does do his best to communicate what is going on, the only reason I have to escalate that is that there are dates paypal puts around that. I still expect that will close out by me getting my screens rather than a refund, but that doesn't mean I wont take precautions. I'd say both with WW and cubesim they didn't realise how much they'd grow in english speaking countries and maybe weren't quite so prepared for the challenges. I see that they both put in pretty decent efforts in my dealings with them though.
  4. Not as yet, still got a few more days before I have to escalate it, he has been open and transparent in his comms though and is trying.
  5. Simply speaking from experience, I have parts here that have been sent from winwing no questions asked, sent in a photo of the bit that needed replacing was in the mail the next day. I think MustangSally is the same, there are a heap of others on discord that are in the same boat too. Of course you can counter that with your experience, that makes perfect sense. Try not to look to discredit people for simply informing the OP of how they have dealt with the company, it doesn't make you seem like a particularly helpful member of the community. Not closing the dispute is good advice, wait until it is resolved to close it out.
  6. I'll second the above, get on discord and have a chat there with Tony409. The other thing I'm going to suggest is that you break this down into smaller easier to digest bites for winwing. I've read your posts and even with fluent English struggling to understand what has already been done and what needs to be done. I think the issue you have outstanding is the left throttle handle is missing in its entirety, eg you're saying it was never in the box?
  7. Comms back earlier in Oct said that it was shipped and on the way to hong kong and that I would get a shipping number soon. Been about 13 days since then though with no more info.
  8. Thanks man, I put my order in April, he had said i'd have shipping by 25th sept but I've just passed my paypal date so had to put a dispute in. Nov 5 is the cutoff there for if I hit the escalate button or close it out, really hoping he can get me the shipping done before then.
  9. Any more conclusions on the new screens there rapid? Curious to see more opinions here cos I'm 15 days away from needing to insist on the refund or not.
  10. How do you find the reach to the throttle when mounted like this? Does it make it uncomfortable when flying jets?
  11. This isn't a criticism of the solution but a proper OEM solution would take more than just replacing these IMO. If you look at the photo to stop the throttles hitting each other there is a massive gap created, I believe that gap would be unsuitable for me (personal view) and I would stick with how they currently are. A proper solution at the OEM level would also need to change other things so the throttle handles can still be used independently and not have that huge gap. Then there is all the retooling/testing etc... Just a thought on a similar Taurus solution, if you cast the "wedges" that are on the Orion solution and used them as angled spacers for the Taurus would this work without having to replace the entire piece? Problem with that solution is it might get too thin at the narrow side of the wedge...
  12. Be interested to see, my cougar is still sitting in a cupboard here so I could always get her out again if something nice like that happens
  13. I also did this on my cougar, but then eventually bit the bullet and got a more modern base/stick. The cougar was a great stick back in the day but it's chalk and cheese to how new ones perform. For the OP, I believe winwing base with adapter is another option you can add to the list.
  14. You can get the cost with shipping from him via email too. For me shipping to Australia it was as follows 3screens 3X120=360USD; 3backboards with cardan 3X30=90USD; Shipping and Handing 90.8USD
  15. I had tried cracking this nut but the solution I had was causing the sim to lock up after a while. I think I had a bad if loop in it somewhere.
  16. You can try "rescan devices" from the keybindings screen. That has worked for me in the past if for some reason the TrackIR wasn't pickedup.
  17. I just copied and renamed f-14b file to F-14A-135-GR.lua seems to work so far
  18. Hey can you provide some more detail on the specs of the supply you're using? Waiting on my screens want to do something similar so need to order the parts. Is it something like this? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/274404967909?hash=item3fe3cf85e5:g:JQMAAOSwtZpeor~9
  19. Is it just USB for power and display? I had been banking on needing to power each display separately to the USB Scratch the question, from his website... 3.Separate wires (1 USB for the Cougars, 1 USB for the Screen,1 power adapter wire for Screen)
  20. He has said tracking number available by 25th Sept to me, the 15th Sept update was also posted to facebook. Here's hoping he can come through with it!
  21. Cant comment on DCS but I'm not having the same issue in IL2 with WW2 warbirds. Assume you've checked the curves/deadzone config etc in DCS for the P47?
  22. Definitely dont see that here... you may want to reach out to ww support or ping in their HOTAS discord channel.
  23. There's some pretty cool stuff in here and I have my F-14 almost working how I want in the stream deck thanks to everyone. Just wondering if this work should be checked back into the main DCS Export Scripts git and we start managing it there?
  24. https://wwsimstore.com/p/312.html
  25. It's like everything, practice, once you pick your kit spend a heap of time getting used to it in missions designed to exercise those skills. So if you want to go for real rudders do some flying where you need to use them. I personally couldn't live without pedals now but I do a lot of WW2 stuff too where rudders are almost mandatory.
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