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  1. I too work all day at my desk and use the monster tech desk mounts, they come off super quick, I slide the stick to the side and leave it mounted on the desk out of the way and I put the throttle behind my work monitor just sitting on top of the desk. I had to go monster for the taurus, those other ones seem to have the quick release too so should be good.
  2. I just moved from TM Cougar desk mounted to winwing libra/taurus with monstertech mounts. Being able to set the stick/throttle up exactly where they should be has made a huge difference to how long I can comfortably fly for. I'd highly recommend the mostertech (or something equivalent) to help you get the most out of your new stick/throttle. For me the quick release was a big draw, it allows me to disconnect the throttle/combat/take off panel quickly and easily while I work and set them up again in exactly the right spot in under 30s. The stability of these things is also quite ama
  3. I ordered some screens apr 21 and so far am still waiting for them to ship, I think perhaps he's getting busier and has some supply issues as others have said. He's a really responsive guy so I just give him a few weeks and ping him to see how things are going...
  4. I guess not that I want to excuse them for stopping responding, but have you considered getting the parts and getting help off a friend?
  5. Indeed, I don't think anyone has argued that it isn't different to the actual hornet though (gotta be honest I do gloss over some posts if they get overly off topic), I think we can all clearly see that from the photos and analysis there is a difference, I think as most have said it's just that it hasn't impacted their use of the product. That's the funny things about facts and opinions, fact, it's different to the hornet, opinion, it's ergonomically bad/good. Both sets of posters are actually right from a certain point of view Interestingly winwing did post on discord in respons
  6. It's funny you should say this, I see lots of different accounts of peoples own experience with the equipment, all are equally as valid as the others. If you post something like this you need to expect and be prepared for others to post counter experiences, that's part of life.
  7. I had a bit of a think, then tried pushing the right level forward just a few mm to mimic the angle of the real jet and I can feel that the left throttle very slightly fills more of my hand and changes the angle of my wrist very slightly along with how my pinkie and ring finger contact the buttons. When the throttle is low down at thigh height this helps make it slightly (very slightly) more comfortable. The thing I found doing all this that affects the ergonomics of my wrist the most is actually the height, lifting the throttle up higher it resulted in a much more comfortable positioning no m
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