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  1. Maybe they are going to release two versions..hence the extra time taken to re-build the 3D model? Most likely someone just misread the memo with what to put in the Friday dream sheet.
  2. It was cheaper to have the real cannon fitted to the aircraft than to build and field a weighted space model/shape.
  3. Hello, I'm interested for Winwing Hornet stick, base and pedals. Shipping to UK? What is the price?
  4. Lots of failings that led to the loss of a young pilot. The fact the egress system wasn't properly serviceable was criminal. Nickle on the grass.
  5. NP. The dark grey overall with lighter grey underside is the current paint job, not sure if the lighter grey scheme still exists. Agreed, they were a very exciting jet to work with and the Squadron groundcrew and pilots were some of the best.
  6. You're correct, what I meant to say was no real night ground attack capability.... you'd think that I'd know better after working on them
  7. The Day version was the first version of AV8B, it had no real edit NIGHT /edit ground attack capability, then in 1991 the Night Attack version arrived with modifications that added the FLIR, wide angle HUD and NVG, and later the + upgrade which added a radar, to allow the AV8B+ to perform air to air tasks. So pre-1991 you'd see AV8B, post 1991 to the advent of the + you'd see a mix of Av8B and AV8B N/A. Now you might see AV8B+ and maybe N/A. From N/A onwards the USMC aircraft were generally painted in light two tone grey, and later - dark grey.
  8. Scuds aren't that accurate, for example in 2003 we were more worried about being hit by bits of one downed by Patriot than actually getting killed by a DH.
  9. USAF use stretched J's. C130J-30
  10. Good spot Bart, fingers crosseed for more news!
  11. If possible I'd like a Template for active airfields included, so no more sterile airbases or spending hours in the ME creating clutter.
  12. If it's a mod it's probably:
  13. I was going to say any info, but looks like it's quite on the Mossie front?
  14. Great post Bozon, and nice links Rockape. Per Ardua!
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