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  1. @baltic_dragon Thanks for the reply. I installed 2.5.6 and have been having a better experience with that version. With how much of a difference there is (skies going from almost completely overcast to almost completely clear), I have to imagine that it is not only your campaign that is affected, but perhaps most of them. Maybe ED needs to tweak something on their end so that old weather settings are still correctly reflected in 2.7.
  2. Clouds really seem to be a big problem in 2.7. I'm finding mission 6 to be extremely difficult because there is a thick layer of cloud just above the mountain peaks that covers pretty much the entire area you patrol, meaning you have to be extremely quick with target acquisition and are really vulnerable to AA. I looked up a video on YouTube of someone else playing this in 2.5.6, and it was like a completely different scenario. They were able to just cruise around at 20,000 feet and get their sensors on target from many miles away. In 2.5 there was only the occasional cloud, in 2.7 it is s
  3. Started the Enemy Within 3.0 campaign recently and also having issues with this. I just played mission 6, and a lot of them so far have pretty thick cloud that covers most of the ground below your waypoint altitudes. Mission 3 comes to mind where you're cruising between waypoints and are supposed to spot burning buildings but the entire area is totally masked by cloud for miles. Mission 6 has the "look at that dam" moment yet again it's just a solid layer of clouds for miles in every direction. Kinda seems like the cloud density settings end up being a lot ticker in 2.7? Defini
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