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  1. F16 Helios Profile Here is the profile- also note- lighting panel buttons are inoperative since they are not yet implemented on the f16 F-16Profile.rar
  2. I would be happy to. There are a few things to note though.. 1)Helios profiles are setup according to the layout of your monitors, so you will need the rearrange the profile to match your monitor setup. 2)I have had to add a lot of custom key binds for functions that don't already have a default binding in the game (ex- lalt-B for INS CCW knob, etc). In order to use this profile, you will need add in those same keybindings into your game in order for the buttons to work. 3)Some of panels in this profile are hidden (like the UFC panel). You will need to touch (or click) on the UFC butt
  3. Here is the issue:on the ground at just about any speed above 40-50 knots, the F-16 drifts wildly- much more so than an other aircraft. This is true both during takeoff and landing. Here is what I have done so far to troubleshoot: -I have been reading the forums about optimal tweaking values for rudder Axis values (curvature, deadzone, etc.) but none of this seems to make a difference for me. -I have tested using an empty payload to eliminate balancing issues -Looking at the external model, the wheels seem to be stationary- not drifting - I view the controller mapping on screen an
  4. Cop- thank you. I did some quick tests and the press and release method seems to work for few buttons I tried. Much appreciated!
  5. I have been using Helios and a touch screen for several years, but with the F-16 I am having a problem I have not encountered before. Helios appears to be working as it always does. When I press on a button on my touch screen, it is sending the correct key press through to the sim- I confirm this by opening up the options keybinding menu and then pressing the button in helios and confirm the screen jumps to the correct key bind in the menu. However for certain buttons in the F-16 cockpit, the button press animation seems to be extremely quick (e.g. a button on the UFC will only partiall
  6. Does Anyone know if it is possible to export landing light indicators to either an external app like Helios, or a device like a Saitek Flight Panel? I've seen home cockpits where status indicator lights are lit up so I assume its got to be possible but can't find any specific examples of how this is done. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Well that is good to know. seems like they are starting to pick back up on getting things implemented/fixed so hopefully we will get something soon.
  8. Ok thanks very much. Yes confirmed the mouse wheel works and yes it is slow. Hopefully they fix it and enable hotkeys soon so I can map them to my rotary encoder in my pit.
  9. When I turn the CRS knob on a given waypoint, the CRS line does not rotate 360 degrees. It stops rotating after 30-60 degrees. Rotating the other way also has same issue. What I have just noticed is that the limit seems to change each time you rotate it back and forth. Sometimes it allows you to rotate more and sometimes its only a few degrees. I am using the mouse (since there no hotkeys) and verifyed all other knobs rotate fine. I have tested this on the ground while stationary to confirm its not related to movement. has anyone run into this? Thanks
  10. Does Anyone Have an update on the CRS mapping?? It would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction cowboy, I had not been able to find other posts with similar issues. At least now I know I am not alone. Thanks again.
  12. I have been exporting my MFCDs to an external monitor for a long time with no issues. With the implementation of the HUD repeater function, I am not able to see that on my exported display. To be clear- All of the other MFCD displays still show up on the exported monitor as expected except the HUD repeater function which is strange. Has anyone else run into this? Thanks
  13. Just to provide an update, even with the latest patch I am still not able to either manually start or auto start the hog. I am following my checklists as normal but once I get to the point where I need to put the left throttle to idle to start the left engine, it just sits there and doesn't spin up. I get the same result when I try doing it through auto start. Has the startup checklist changed in the last six months? I suspect not, especially since auto start doesn't work, but figured I would ask.
  14. On the latest openbeta version (as of todays date), I can not get the left engine to start. Checklist is followed to the letter, Ralt Home to start the engine, the throttle moves, but nothing happens. I thought it was me until i tried doing an autostart and going back through the startup tutorial and it fails in both of those cases as well. Assume this is a bug but havent seen anyone else with the issue. Any thoughts?
  15. Thanks very much, that did the trick. Appreciate your help.
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