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  1. Not sure, if that is related, but we see the following errors in the logs. As it was an eject, I'm pretty sure it was not a static in this case. 2021-04-30 09:32:55.377 INFO Scripting: event:type=eject,target=,t=30085.501,initiatorMissionID=1004162,targetMissionID=0, 2021-04-30 09:32:55.377 INFO Scripting: event:type=kill,weapon=AIM-120C-5,target=F-4E,t=30085.501,initiatorMissionID=1004132,targetMissionID=1004162, 2021-04-30 09:32:55.377 ERROR Lua::Config: Call error world.onEvent:[string "-- world events hook..."]:461: Unit doesn't exist stack traceback: [C]: ?
  2. philstyle reported an issue lately this evening, when people that try to join got a client crash. Nobody was ably to join anymore. We have the crash logs from 2 ppl, both of them have the exact same trace in it, so here is just one: 2021-04-26 21:16:24.962 INFO EDCORE: # -------------- 20210426-211625 -------------- 2021-04-26 21:16:24.963 INFO EDCORE: DCS/ (x86_64; Windows NT 10.0.19041) 2021-04-26 21:16:24.964 INFO EDCORE: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\DCSWorld\bin\DCS.exe 2021-04-26 21:16:24.965 INFO EDCORE: # C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 07F65FBB 00
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