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  1. I posted about the pendulum action and got some good advice, which has toned down the swinging and control. But, after more flying I can not seem to control the Huey the way I feel I should. I'm a helicopter pilot IRL, but have not flown a Huey. I have no problem with the Nimbus UH-1 in X-Plane 11 and would like to find the sweet spot for the DCS Huey, but the flight dynamics just seem sloppy. I've looked at videos on trimming, but the Puma Flight Trainer does not have any spring(s). I've tried with and without force trim, which I have used in real OH-58A helicopters-so I understa
  2. Messed around and find Sat Y at 80 with dead zones of 2 hover closer... thanks again.. I'll keep fine tuning it ...
  3. Great! Thanks for the reply, ill try that change in roll and pitch.
  4. New to DCS. Question on joystick setting in the Huey. I'm a helicopter pilot in real life although i have not flowen a real Huey. I have flown OH58s Jet Rangers AS350s Bell 47s and R22s. I have a puma flight trainer and I'm loving it very programmable. I'm having a hard time controlling the Huey as it is very sensitive; in the pendular action area. I have the force trim off and I'm familiar with force trim I've used it I'll on the OH58s. No dead zones programmed in setting at the moment. I have read all the posts on the fourms about this and have not found anything th
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