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  1. @NineLine with respect I must agree with @Machalot. And will expand that, missle shouldn't fire when Your master arm is OFF and missle power is OFF. I understand when they fire and self-destruct, but this is no case when You S-J single missle, witch flies away at nearest radar. Why then emergency jettison is working in different way than S-J? I'm not a F16 specialist but it looks ridiculous.
  2. @BIGNEWY BIGNEW.trk got it. I hope I done it right.
  3. Hi, Dear ED guys. When You trying to S-J AGM-88 missle, it fires, track closest radar and hits it. It happend on single and multi, It happend with MASTER ARM OFF, It happend with AGM-88 POWER OFF, It happend on S-J mode (not NAV, not AG), It happend on active pause or live, You can S-J 4 missles and it will fire 4 missles simounteneously, Missle fires like PB or EOM mode (it flies hi upwards, it can even turn more 90 degrees). Emergency jettison works well. 2 mins of video material (missle fires and hitting friendly
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