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  1. Thanks for the tip, at least now I know I wasn't doing something wrong.
  2. A Harrier campaign for the Persian Gulf would be great... I was planning on the Harrier being my next buy, but it looks like there's only one campaign available so far, and it's in the Caucasus. Not so sure now.
  3. Thanks for creating a Persian Gulf campaign for the A10c, I know a lot of us have been waiting for that. My question is simple, and may be a dumb one... no matter how I set the labels in the options menu (full, abbreviated, etc., I always set mine to abbreviated) all I see are tiny red triangles (blue for the friendlies), nothing identifying the target. Is this by design? I know the campaign is much more strict with ATC procedures, radio commands, etc. Also, I have no F6 weapon release view, no messages informing me the the target was damaged or destroyed (though the red triangle disappears when something is destroyed). Like I asked, is this to make the campaign more realistic, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks again for the campaign!
  4. Seeing this window when I try to start DCS... the thing is JUST as I was double-clicking the DCS icon (or right after I had) the power blinked off at my house for about a half second or a full second. When I tried start DCS again this happened. I see the DCS logo for a bit, replaced by that black window- it just hangs there, no sign of DCS starting, I have to go to the task manager to shut it down. Also, when I tried to restart DCS it asked me to log in (i did), I usually don't because I don't play online. Thanks for any help
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