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  1. Awesome. First thing I went ahead and checked ! the Castle is there ! Amazing
  2. Is this normal ? there is a glitch that didn't exist before while looking above you in the pilot seat. is that normal ?
  3. yes, but if they are status 'from parking cold' or 'from ramp hot', they will spawn kinda randomly on the deck
  4. we did more tests with my friends tonight. The good news is that the LSO plat cam is indeed stabilized. So with a good LSO you can stay on the right glidepath, even in adverse conditions.
  5. that's my point. sometimes the ICLS was saying I was high, while the IFLOS was saying I was low.. (low bar in the ICLS and the ball was low)
  6. totally AWESOME. WAY better than stock. unfortunately it doesn't pass integrity check :( I hope ED picks it up
  7. it makes sense with what I was seeing. except that sometimes ICLS and IFLOS were giving me opposite indications.
  8. can we try ??? :) your rain drop mod saved my life already
  9. whats fun in case3 is that since you have a 80kts headwind+14kts of the carrier, and you are approaching at around 135kt, it takes forever to get to the carrier :) like twice longer once you are 3/4 of a mile.
  10. does that pass integrity check ? thanks a lot for your work
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