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  1. I think I know what he meant. TPOD, AG mode. Selecting a way point to designate makes TPOD aim at that way point with a diamond in the center. However if I move TPOD to another location, TDC depress doesn't bring out the diamond anymore. Although coordinates can be copied over to JDAMs.
  2. I am never able to read the SA map really well on my Rift S but not because of resolution. But because of brightness. The colored map is a light bulb even at day time. I have to lower the brightness of MFD in order to read the map, but that way I cannot get a good contrast between map itself and other symbiology such as data link icons. The readability of SA map is really poor in VR compared to monitor. It's not too big of a deal so I am not ranting. I am just passing this feedback in case it is helpful to dev team.
  3. I can imagine the seriousness can vary from user to user. I am using Rift S, which is notorious for poor tracking (I bought 3 Rift S and returned 2. All have tracking issue). I can notice image or UI minor jitter if the headset is placed on the desk. I can totally see how this headset will make cloud jitter worse.
  4. I feel somewhat optimistic that they know how to fix it. But who knows when. I feel you bro, cuz I right now I can only fly in servers where no cloud is set. But if this is a priority, they should be able to fix it in a month. Now 2 weeks have passed, and I feel good about it. With that being said, let's be patient. Maybe take a break from DCS and spend more time with family. It really helps managing expectation.
  5. I am using Oculus Rift S. I remember similar issue with Hornet position light was addressed and optimized in later days of 2.5.6. But in 2.7, all light sources seem to have a bigger glare in both day and night and it's somewhat impacting game experience. Planes with position lights at night are basically a giant lantern even at 10 miles out. In some cases the light is only rendered in one eye. IFLOLS are even more unreadable. The ball position is unrecognizable beyond 0.25 mile. When first got visual on supercarrier landing area in case III, the runway lights are very brigh
  6. Same. It's probably a universal issue right now. But it hasn't been bothering me anymore as I got used to it. I try not to click the bottom half of "Briefing" or "Fly" button in the game.
  7. I've had similar, but not exactly the same problem. Right after updating to 2.7, I had trouble with MP chat window. I had a hard time hiding as well as displaying the window. And I cannot type anything in the chat box many times. Anyway, my keyboard wasn't working properly in other scenarios either, but I can't put my finger on it. I think after reinstalling VoiceAttack, things are back to normal. I don't know why.
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