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  1. I'd like to give a little experience report on my development since updating to 2.7. Hope, it's useful. My configuration: AMD Ryzen 9 5950x, ROG Crosshair X570 VIII Hero, AMD RX6800XT, 64GB DDR4-3600, Hotas TM Warthog, HP reverb G2, 1 Display 3440x1440 steamVR 120% (application setting) and 100% general setting. No motion vectoring. DCS PD 1.0 and textures to high, msaa 2x, ssaa 1,5x... Before the update, I had fps of in average between 40 and 60 in VR and between 90 and 110 in 2D. After the first update, I experienced a severe fps-drop both in VR and 2D, especi
  2. Same problem here. Attached is my logbook.lua Any help is appreciated! Hedge logbook.lua
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