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  1. I was going to ask the same question...:) Any word when it will be in stable?
  2. Hello, I tried again and I have the wind turned off. The bomb fly right over it. The first past I got a hit but, after that it kept missing. I attached the track to this. If you can take a look, that would be awesome as I am getting a little frustrated with it. This is in the Nevada theatre. I dont have this issue in other theatres.... Thank you for your help!!!!!! This is in the F/A 18 Bombing_GBU_TEST_1.trk
  3. I been back and forth with this and Win 8.1 is more reliable now.. Every time I switch back, it crashes.. I flew multiple missions in one sortie that was 3 hours long and it CTD when it wasnt Win 8.1... I hope they fix it.
  4. WOW! I gotta check my mission editor and see were the wind is set. Thank you for this and it makes total sense.. Cheers!!!!
  5. Being new to the F/A 18 and trying this mode a few days ago, I got frustrated and thought it was me which it is mostly..lol When something breaks from updates, I gotta come here and see if something is broken so I am not pulling my hair out or what am I doing wrong?
  6. Thank you! I will check it out! Oh man! so much..lol I will for sure make that happen. so much to type.lol cheers!
  7. not trying to make people guess. I thought I explained it thoroughly. Thanks for taking the time to give me a tip and I will keep looking at videos. I am probably just missing something simple. Next time, I will leave a detail message.. Leaving a tra Leaving a track is a great ideal as well.. Thank you..
  8. Hello folks. I am a new pilot to DCS and I am trying to understand why I have a target on lock to drop GBU's I pickle, it drops, count down and it miss's the target. I made sure it was locked every time.. I even see the bomb search when its falling... Any tips?
  9. Sorry guys for being vague. It works now. I may have gotten something mixed up. I was trying to use the TACAN and I probably didnt turn it ON by seeing the : My bad and thank you for replying.
  10. In my custom missions I would assign a custom # and when I go into the sim, it doesn't work.... It worked before the last patch. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  11. yea, I did notice it's been crashing more then before......I been sending in the reports.. the repair did take care of my TASCAN......::).........Keep us posted on your outcome....
  12. I had the same problem flying in persia. I will do the repair.. The update killed something.lol
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