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  1. Is there any way to save your progress in a campaign or mission to be able to restart from that spot ? I am struggling with long missions where it takes an hour to startup, taxi, hit every waypoint, contact JTAC, only to get shot down in 30 sec by a SAM site or fighter. Having to constantly start over from the beginning makes me lose interest.
  2. How do you edit the weather ? I turned off “rain drops” but still could not see the ground at all even right above the trees. I tried the mission editor but could not see how to change any weather.
  3. I watched the video on YouTube for this mission and it looks nothing like what I see. The rain is a total washout and you cannot see the ground at all. Is this related to the new cloud update ?
  4. Is there some trick to locating the targets through the rain . Tried every TGP mode and cannot see anything. How to engage convoy this way . please help.
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