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  1. That was the first thing I noticed upon entering the cockpit... DDI brightness way low... then I went into a DF server and turned on the HMD... thats even worse... can't see $h*t against the sky.
  2. Zuki

    Hotas Cougar

    I have a Hotas Cougar serial 4107 That I purchased new many many years ago, used about 6 months and was frustrated with the programming software. I put it back in the box and put it up on a shelf in the garage. Anyone interested in it PM me.. I live in Tucson Az USA
  3. Um... uh... how did you solve the problem? There are still others here with the same problem.
  4. Eno ... don't go spreading falsehoods, I didn't walk away.. After asking for help and trying what was suggested nothing changed. I'm not married to my PC, and won't spend an inordinate amount of time trying to make things do what they are suppose to do, I have a real life. "I'll wait for another update and try later. Thanks again for trying to help."
  5. Cali .. I have the Franken potato as well..., I also have a TM cougar that sits in a box on a shelf in my garage. Why would you even think of buying a new HOTAS if you have CH stuff? That $hit is bulletproof.
  6. And you would lose the bet..:music_whistling:
  7. Hey... sounds like my problem... http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=119845
  8. @Expert.. I have driven cars on race tracks, and flown airplanes in real life. I play flight sims and race sims for fun. I have been flying sims online for more than 20 years. @ K2mil I remember having to modify my config.sys and autoexec.bat to get the XMS and EMS to fly EF2000 in Win 3.1. using KALI DOS. I have 7 pc's in my house all networked and all built by me. I don't want to sound like a smart ass but I'm not a computer illiterate. If I install some software and it doesn't perform as I expect, I wont waste a whole lot of time on it anymore. I have Falcon 4 running, IL2 1946, and 3 or
  9. I think I'll just uninstall this mess, and go back to sim racing... Thanks for the help.
  10. Cleared everything and reset hotas axis etc.. Places me in cockpit, I Can mouse over controls and click them, but the only button or key that does anything is esc. SU or A10
  11. Sounded good but that isn't it.
  12. Installed DCS world yesterday, flew around for a while in the 25. OK looks good for my old PC, I purchase the A10C, then update the DCS world to the latest version. Start it up pick SU again free flight, have 0 control.. plane just flys straight Nothing I press on the keyboard does anything except ESC, which brings up the dialog box with options...(manual take control and quit to desktop) all grayed out.I can either choose quit, resume, or briefing. If I click on adjust controls the dialog box disappears and nothing happens. Can someone help a brother out?:music_whistling:
  13. Throttle won't be programmable in XP, you will only have DX functions.:( CLICK HERE For SUNCOM, you probably won't find a new one .. unless someone bought one new and never opened it. Suncom went out of business a long time ago.
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