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  1. This product was purchased by a friend. The finish is rough, there are traces of bond, and there are white spots. It is said that the case was delivered in a state of being fixed with tape because the adhesion of the case was not complete. The information on the display was incomplete, making it difficult to recognize. so... I wanted a better product and had good parts and a very fast controller. It is important to remember that international shipping costs are included.
  2. Transparent acrylic was used for the backlight effect. Yes. it use dcs-bios data. F/A-18 is bound by hardware coding. It also functions as a joystick button at the same time. It is expected that there will be confusion when using VR because the actual size ratio is slightly different. I haven't considered an option without an LCD yet. But its implementation is very easy. It is priced at around $650 US including shipping. We are looking into government accreditation and processes for sales.
  3. After many failures over the past 3 months, it was finally completed. 2.08inch 6 OLED, 0.96inch 2 OLED. It was made with the same font design as the game screen. It shows a very fast screen response speed by using a high-speed controller. The pull switch can actually be pulled. It uses 1 USB port. It is on sale in Korea. I am thinking of selling overseas. Would it be okay?
  4. I want to stop the operation of OLED and LED in 'no data yet' state. I wrote a code using if and null in Arduino, but it did not work, and OLED and LED continue to express the last data value. What IF statement can Arduino determine when the output data of DCS-BIOS is 'no data yet'?
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