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  1. Could be a nice addition for a relatively easy task. Look at Deka and the China Assets pack. Sure, it's just a sub and a couple ships, but it's free and they keep upgrading it from time to time. I just think it would be nice to have at least one high detailed infantry unit that's not attached to an helicopter.
  2. Just checked and although similar it is indeed a different model. My bad! How difficult would it be to transform the Gazelle Gunner to a regular infantry unit? It looks way better and more in line to what a current day US soldier would look like, I think.
  3. It's actually in there as the Georgian Soldier M4 IIRC. Still not quite as good looking as the Gazelle Gunner IMHO.
  4. I know it's probably not a priority, but you know, I'd say the buses weren't either and here we are. Gazelle Gunner: USA Infantry M4: I'd be happy with a mere model swap between those two to be honest. I know, easier said than done, but come on, it can't be harder than the bus model upgrades, right?
  5. Although it's probably one of the most complete options I've seen (probably a bit too much for my purposes), it requires the host to install some scripts beforehand, and while it might not be that hard to do, it's not really an option for me since I'm planning to upload the mission to the User Files section and I'd like to make it as accessible as possible so everyone can enjoy it. Thank you anyway.
  6. I've seen a couple threads asking the same thing, but they're quite old so I thought there might be a better way of handling this in 2021. First I'll explain what I'm trying to do. When placing clients on the supercarrier I'd like them to NOT spawn in The Street cause those parking spots block the AI flights that spawn in Elevators 1 and 2. (Pic for reference) The only way I know to do that is to delay the players spawn at least 1 second. Using Late Activation on the client group achieves that in Singleplayer (you get the 'Your flight is delayed' message and all t
  7. Thank you Greg for your prompt response. Really excited to play the campaign once it's working as expected!
  8. As of 2.7 I can confirm AI flights are still flying low and slow and crashing into the mountains or just loitering next to enemy AAAs and getting killed. I've also noticed that flights don't usually stick together, as flight lead usually wonders off leaving the wingman behind for some reason. I know DCS AI is what it is, but it's really hard to enjoy a 'Dynamic' Campaign when half your teammates commit suicide for no reason whatsoever.
  9. Same issue here. Other allied flights just fly low and end up crashing into the mountains, which is kinda frustrating.
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