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  1. Thank (both of) you for the info I was actually contemplating to break the bank and get the realsimulator gear after seeing their "force sensing" joysticks how do you like them? are they as accurate as a e.g. VKB with a 20cm extension, after getting used to them? any caveat/disadvantage in particular? Also apparently their F-18 and F-16-CE sticks can be used in standalone mode by just mounting them on top of a rod/pipe, since the grips have internal sensors as well. have you tried this? would it be accurate in this mode (without using their FSSB base)? And most i
  2. Hi, This the first serious stick I'm buying (I have a crappy no-name one) and I can't decide between these two. I will be using it with a ~20cm extension in center position I did a little bit of research on the web and from what I understand: Winwing's cons: 1- Winwing (as it's F18 replica) lacks analog ministicks, which I think I would find useful for guiding certain weapons or as MFD cursor etc. and overall it has less switches compared to VKB. 2- Watching Youtube reviews of the Winwing, apparently there were a lot of issues with tolerances and switches' quality etc in early u
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