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  1. that seems to be consensus for most games, I believe with my setup I am GPU bound based on fpsvr data, I manage stable 40ish fps in most situations with steam SS at 150% and a bunch of other tweaks across my system but if I could get another boost in performance I would love to push that SS up more.
  2. Has anyone tried this and achieved good results with DCS? the consensus online is that for general gaming applications overclocking the 3080 is a juice not being worth the squeeze type situation but VR DCS is not really a general gaming application so I'm curious if anyone else has had luck?
  3. if you can afford it I lean toward the index, its a quality HMD, valve has industry leading customer service (gone through them for several RMA's over the years and it's always a very smooth process), and being a first party developed piece of steamvr hardware it has the least number of added software layers between it and your pc and you gain access to some native steamvr settings other headsets can't access that I've found useful with DCS. As for the headset itself its not quite as high resolution as the G2 but has a wider FOV, so pick your poison there (for my money the rez is high en
  4. they say, and I quote "This adapter mounts to the underside of a range of common desk chairs, using existing mounting points to affix the mount." I have a herman miller aeron chair and its pretty weird on the bottom, has anyone seen a list of compatible chairs from virpil yet?
  5. fixed for me in today's patch!
  6. I fly VR exclusively and use mine for zoom functions, flipped down toggles low zoom, pulling and holding trigger engages spyglass zoom
  7. this is happening for me too, loving The Enemy Within otherwise tho, really pussing me to up my game in the A10
  8. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/250820/view/3082128694484661961 new field of view option might be relevant to DCS, as we already have a built in world scale setting the second one probably redundant.
  9. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1183720/Holoswitch/ this app syncs your phones notifications (you can select which apps exactly can pass notifications through) and pops them up in your HMD, working great for me on an android phone and a real killer with a game like DCS where you might be locked in vr for hours at a time. I'm not associated with them in any way for the record, I just think its neat.
  10. skipped my mid cycle pc upgrade and just went with a new prebuilt, figured I might as well just eat the loss this year and get back on track next cycle.
  11. ah! I see it now, excellent, thank you for your hard work my kind sir!
  12. so wait is the kegetys shaders mod working in 2.7?
  13. why do you have 4x basestations? from my understanding and anecdotal use of the lighthouse system since 2016 2x base stations give you perfect 360 degree tracking coverage?
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