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  1. I dare say it competes very well against the MiG-21 in a dogfight, you out turn him at 320knts and you retain energy better.
  2. For me I kind of view it as a step up from including certain skins on modules, its so you can pretend to be the variant another country used, and if you choose not to do that, just go back to the native camoflaouge of the aircraft you're using. As we've seen, Aerges is giving us liveries from many nations that operated the F1, I just think this would step up the immersion for those looking to fly Mirages that arent directly modeled. And obviously im not wanting every weapon ever used on any Mirage F1 to be included in the simulation, but perhaps ones that arent completely un-feasible such as t
  3. well for me its the same, but perhaps this could help the devs to develop more versions of the plane? This would simply be a hold-over until that is possible. and as for wanting the variants to remain what they are, that option would still retained. you could still fly the Spanish Mirages exactly as it was in real life if you choose to do so, this would simply an additional feature with no take-away for the players wanting pure historical accuracy.
  4. An interesting thought I had that I believe would benefit both the developers and the playerbase would be to take the approach that a few other modules have in the sense that some features of the module can be disabled in the mission editor (such as the Mirage 2000's Missile warning system). let me give an example Obviously the F1EQ (for example) is not on the horizon or even scheduled, but the Spanish F1EE would make for a very decent substitute for those who would like to re-enact conflicts that the EQ took part in. If Aerges gave the F1EE the combability with weapons such as the 530F (
  5. The EQ would be absolutely lovely I agree! It will be interesting to see what balance of reality + fun they go with in regards to loadouts so I could potentially fly as a different nation's F1 and act out various real life situations, seeing as they already made some beautiful skins for them! I think it would be great to be screaming along the floor of the Persian Gulf sneaking up on an unsuspecting Iranian F14 and shooting him down with a Super 530F
  6. Just Spanish for right now, if they get sufficient technical documentation they said they arent opposed to potentially making more down the line
  7. Haha, its great to hear though! Im glad to be hearing from someone who knows so much about this plane. ive known about it for a long time by my extensive researching has only began about 6 months ago with the announcement on this forum. I believe the export F1s could indeed use French weaponry, as for example the F1EQs used only French made weapons, Super 530F, R550 Magic, Exocets, ARMMATs, and what not. Even the Spanish F1 used French made R530 missiles (they opted out of the R550 magic because they wanted US made Sidewinders more, and Sidewinder/magic cross compatibility only became av
  8. well then that begs the question, why did Spain buy the Super 530F at all when they purchased the F1EDAs? the F1EDAs were bought with the purpose of using them for spare parts so I dont know why they would buy/accept the Super 530F if they had no intentions of using it. Also if they were primarily using Hornets for A-A why did they upgrade the F1 to the F1M many years after the purchase of the F18. Not to mention the Super 530s got delivered well before the F1M modernization was completed. I think for these reason alone we can conclude that at-least the IVM equipped jets should be capable to u
  9. Some Mirage F1s could indeed carry ARMAT and Martel Anti-radiation missiles, however I dont think the Spanish ever bought these. as for what SEAD the Spanish did have for their F1s, they used Syrel ELINT pods and Barax jammers. No anti radiation missiles I believe.
  10. @Zachrix you accused my friend of TKing the F-5, just thought you should see this
  11. I would check all your missions, all 3 of the ones I played the Gazelles had no missiles (Mistrals or HOTs)
  12. yeah I really dont see why they would pass up an opportunity to use the best missile in their arsenal.
  13. Would appear the Gazelles are missing HOT missiles
  14. Ive done a bit of research on the Cyrano IV fire control radar (thanks in part to a handy manual I found for it a while ago) and from my findings I THINK this is how it goes Early Mirage F1C designs include the basic Cyrano IV radar which is capable of look-up and co-altitude interception out to 111km and has the capability to support R530 SARH missiles A few years down the line the Super 530F development is under weigh and the French upgrade their Mirage F1C's Cyrano radar to the Cyrano IV-1 standard which is the same but enhances look-down capability, I believe this is the first versi
  15. its a bit weird for the Spanish to buy these Super 530s knowing that the F1EDAs are only going to be used for parts, and not using the Super 530s on their combat aircraft. But as for the F1EE and its Super 530 capabilities I think it was part of the same radar upgrade package that they bought. I think the M upgrade to the Cyrano IV (making the Cyrano IVM) had better look down capabilities which enabled both improved ground attack and better ground filtering which allowed for Super 530 guidance (Hence why the Mirage F1EE and F1M have enhanced look-down air to air modes) to sum it
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