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  1. Already done, please search in the user files section
  2. This is a request for Myanmar Air Force JF-17 skins:
  3. CHSubZero

    JASDF Liveries

    Could you please do 63-8501? https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4052999&postcount=152
  4. CHSubZero

    JASDF Liveries

    Of course I redownload it. Thank you very much Akatsuki for this amazing skins. I ALWAYS use one of your skins when I fly the F-16 :)
  5. Version 6 uploaded: Thanks to Chervo and with his permission I've added his amazing liveries "Swiss J-5011 Tigers 2004", "Swiss J-5011 Tigers 2011" and "Swiss J-5011 Tigers 2016" Please find details in the first post
  6. CHSubZero

    JASDF Liveries

    33-8119 looks very good and thanks for the NOT reversed variant :smartass: Don't know why the did it... The only thing I found is the black radar. In all pictures I have seen of 33-8119 this radar part is also dark blue instead of black. Thank you for this amazing Samurai F-2 :pilotfly:
  7. Need a good example picture and, when you have, colour references :smartass:
  8. F-86F Pakistan Air Force Download: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3306864/ Release Notes v1: Initial release with 54026 and 54995 v2: Roundel transparency on fuselage fixed
  9. I like your reshade settings. can you share them? :smartass:
  10. Amazing tail fin! Would be great when someone can do this...
  11. The camo is well done! Just three things: Dark grey is a bit too dark, Roundels are missing and the speed brakes have the wrong color
  12. CHSubZero

    JASDF Liveries

    33-8119 will be my favorite:)
  13. Skin pack uploaded and waiting for approval
  14. The skin pack will include two skins
  15. I have started work on the Pakistan liveries :)
  16. Maybe I‘ll do one. Those are looking easy to make
  17. Current progress of the next update: Custom weapons AIM-9B FINISHED, NEW AIM-9P FINISHED, NEW AIM-9P5 TO DO, NEW CATM-9 TO DO, NEW Early scheme (1976 to ~1998 ) CH J-3001 FlSt 18 1979 FINISHED, NEW CH J-3001 Variante 1986 TO DO CH J-3025 FINISHED CH J-3026 FINISHED CH J-3098 FINISHED CH Swiss Generic Early FINISHED, NEW Early scheme (1976 to ~1998 ) - Red Air Mission CH J-3022 FlSt 11_19 1989 Red Air FINISHED, NEW Late scheme (~1998 - current) CH J-3001 Variante 1996 TO DO CH J-3001 Variante 2000 TO DO CH J-3008 FINISHED CH J-3033_2017 TO DO CH J-3036 2017 TO DO CH J-3037 FlSt 13 2005 FINISHED, NEW CH J-3038 TO DO CH J-3073 2017 TO DO CH J-3074 TO DO CH J-3079 TO DO CH Swiss Generic FINISHED Late scheme (~1998 - current) - Red Air Mission CH J-3036 TO DO
  18. They are coming along good but I have to finish the whole pack before releasing it. Otherwise some skins will look very bad because they are cross-linked. Unfortunately I don't find a close up shot of the canopy frame.
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