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  1. It would be really nice to have more templates for the AI planes (like they did with the IL-76 series). So the skin artists under us can create some really nice skins that the mission designer under us can use to give us all more content. This could help ED adding some missing contents: E-3 skins for France & UK E-2 skins for France KC-135 for France & UK to name a few
  2. Another question coming up while adding MiG-15bis weapons... What is the difference of the Fagot's FAB-100M to the FAB-100 used by MiG-21bis and other planes?
  3. As I said: Have to check more modules. But you can already find some WW2 bombs (SC-x) and rockets (HVAR) in the list...
  4. The idea of this "mod" is to publish it as Excel Spreadsheet and PDF in the user files section. The images in the first post are currently just for preview because I don't have overlooked all modules right now :music_whistling: Thanks
  5. I have a question regarding GBU-31 & GBU-38... JDAM means INS updated with GPS before release (aka Fire-And-Forget) or INS updated with GPS data while falling (lock target until hit)? BTW: 1st post updated with current lists...
  6. Thanks guys. Next updated list will be tomorrow ;-)
  7. I've started creating a list of all usable weapons in DCS World because with every new module we have in DCS there are more and more weapons to remember. I will upload and update this list from time to time in this thread. The list should give you an overview when you calling the ground crew for re-arming and you need e.g. an all-aspect A2A missile :music_whistling: Currently the list is not complete but I'll add more rows. If you see something in the list that is not right or incomplete -> please write it down here in the board. Together we'll create the ULTIMATE list :D _Weapons_v10.zip
  8. +1 I can now start creating some Swiss Air Force (Mirage III) skins :-D
  9. thanks for your answers. added them in the first post. I'll start creating a downloadable PDF of all weapons in DCS World ;-)
  10. added a few informations... but still have some open questions
  11. Maybe someone can help me with understanding some of the Fishbeds weapons :smartass: BL755: Anti-Armor 1000 lb cluster bomb Difference between FAB-250 and FAB-250 M54 TU? RN-24: Nuclear bomb (simulation in DCS), weight? RN-28: Nuclear bomb (simulation in DCS), weight? S-24 A: High Explosive S-24 B: Armor-Penetration Kh-66 Grom: (=AS-7), 2-10km, 100kg, Radar-Guided, Air-to-Surface R-13M: (=AA-2C), 1-???km, IR-guided, Short-Range, Air-to-Air R-13M1: slightly better tracking then R-13M R-3R: (=AA-2B), 1-8km, Semi-Active Radar-guided, Short-Range Air-to-Air R-3S: (=AA-2A), 1-7km, IR-guided, Short-Range Air-to-Air R-55: 21kg, IR-Guided, Air-to-Air Difference between R-60 and R-60M: R-60M weights 1kg more, is slightly better and offers limited all-aspect RS-2US: (=AA-1, R-5MS or K-5MS), 13kg, 2-6km, Beam-Riding, Short-Range Air-to-Air
  12. Version 1.1 released. Please see first post
  13. Version 1.5 released. See first post for more details
  14. I have the problem that some gauges are not lighted at night... When I press L just a few gauges are visible. Anyone also has this problem?
  15. Hey no problem, we just missing your superb work :thumbup: BTW: Your Golden Hawk skin looks really bad in 1.5.2 (shining blue instead of gold)... But don't hurry. One sabre after the other :pilotfly:
  16. Any updates here jocko? Would love to fly some Canadair or CAC Sabres :-)
  17. Hello I'd like to create Swiss Air Force skins (based on the similar looking Mirage III). Where can I find a PSD for this superb model? Thx
  18. CHSubZero

    Default livery

    Default skin should be indeed a "normal" French Air Force skin and not a NATO Tiger skin :-)
  19. Famous quote about Swiss Military: :smartass: But we are armed for self-defense and air police service.
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