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  1. This may be but I would really appreciate this features as an option in the Misc section. :smartass:
  2. Fuerza Aerea de Chile :-)
  3. Couple of Months ago when thisforum sub section did not exist, there were already a few skin requests made. USA, Brazil, Iran, Germany and more: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=206870
  4. Let's stick on that both planes are just using a radial engine. Maybe there was some influence from the Fw-190 to later variants of the A6M Zero as it happened all over the World. The British influenced the P-51 with the engine while the Me-262 influenced the first jet planes of the Allied nations after World War 2. Let's be happy that there is a huge variation of different warbirds with different engine sounds.
  5. All skin packs are now fully updated and I can continue with new skins. Midst of World War 2: Swiss Air Force 1940 Staffel 6 & 15 (J-318, J-346 & J-374) and Midst of World War 2: Swiss Air Force 1940 Staffel 8 & 21 (J-345, J-356 & J-362) uploaded. Please see first post for details
  6. Swiss Air Force 1945 - 1948 v2 uploaded: Fixed the misaligned neutrality stripes on the wings and other smaller bugfixes on the E-3a inspired skins. Please see first post for details
  7. VPS_Spit and myself are currently updating the skin pack in a collaboration work. In the same time we split the pack into smaller packs of the same era because we also add skins based on the Swiss used Bf-109G-6. The first pack released is Swiss Air Force 1945 - 1948. Please find details in the first post.
  8. Finally a new plane the Swiss Air Force really used :) After negotiations with the RAF we were allowed to keep the two interned Mosquitos: Swiss B-4: De Havilland D.H.98 Mosquito P.R.IV (serial DK310) Swiss B-5: De Havilland D.H.98 Mosquito F.B.VI (serial NS993) Temporarily the Mosquito B-4 was lent to Swissair for use of mail transfer and received the immatriculation HB-IMO. Later it was returned to the Swiss Air Force. The Mosquito B-5 was also used as a testbed for the Swiss-Mamba SM-01 jet engine which was later used on our four-engined swept winged fighter EFW N-20 Aiguillon ("Stinger").
  9. +1 for at least one or two WWI planes
  10. In the meantime you could use the Fw-190A-8 with a fictional skin :D
  11. I fell in love with a new plane and wish to see it in DCS: Fairey Firefly It is a strong carrier strike fighter which served in World War 2 and the Korean War. Currently there are 3 airworthy Fireflies in the world so a good opportunity to do sound recordings and yes, it sounds very nice.
  12. Together with VPS_Spit we are updating our Bf-109 E-3a and G-6 inspired skins for DCS 2.5 and re-create them as close as possible. We are really nitpicking on details like correct decals on the correct airplanes :smartass: In the same time we also create vehicle in the colors of the Swiss Armed Forces around World War 2. Some are fictional (e.g. Opel Blitz) but some are based on real equipment like the CCKW-353 and the Willy MB.
  13. Thanks. Could you also adjust the number thickness on J-701? I think the numbers are too thin.
  14. v3 uploaded. Please find details in first post
  15. At which date and time were the screenshots taken? I like the shade of the screens
  16. Nice skins :) A good match to my Bf-109E based skins. Just one question: Which airfield is this or is this a grass mod? Looks way better than the dirt runways
  17. I don’t like the rusty engine part otherwise a great skin
  18. I'm currently updating my Heliswiss skin from 2015. It is interesting to see how far we have come since 5 years DCS World. Unfortunately my 2020 screenshot is not with the highest settings (used my Oculus yesterday).
  19. v3 uploaded. Please find details in first post
  20. Nice! I like the contrast between reflective metal and the red nose
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