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  1. v3 uploaded. Please find details in first post
  2. CHSubZero


    v4 uploaded. Please find details in first post
  3. The Channel map is a good example. The airbases contain lots of static objects which makes them look more realistic
  4. Thank you very much for those two superb skins. I'm looking forward for your next Thunderbolt skins :) Maybe we could work together on a skin of the "149th Fighter Squadron Virginia ANG Rebel Thunderbolts". I have some HD source files but I'm currently lacking the time to create new skins
  5. I think this does not work because the model itself is not supporting RoughMet, isn't it?
  6. In the news I have read that there will be 19 US Army and 16 Croatia skins. Are they all totally different or is it just because you haven't added a dynamic BORT number functionality? So many skins just for the immatriculation or serial number is (in my opinion) a waste of space. My SSD has enough space to hold it but the update process will take longer and it is just unnecessary. Like the many Spanish skins of the F/A-18C module. The only difference of most of those skins is the immatriculation number.
  7. You mean something like that? Sure, would be nice as soon as the template is out
  8. WIP shot of my skin "Swiss Air Force History" Parted by golden cracks you see the camouflage of Bf-109, EKW C-35, Mirage IIIRS, PC-7 and F/A-18C Hornet while in service with the Swiss Air Force. The golden cracks are illuminated at Night ;-)
  9. They have a wrong Roughness Metalic layer. I guess it will be changed later.
  10. I'm currently working on the 149th Fighter Squadron, Virginia National Guard. Until the Photoshop template I do it as good as possible so that the transition to the template will be made easy.
  11. Thank you for the scan. The resolution is good for me. Will add 258 to the skin pack
  12. v4 with Uruguay uploaded. Please find details in first post
  13. Next will be Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya / FAU
  14. New version uploaded. Please find details in first post
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