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  1. Hello everyone, when it is already written about Maverick, is there a possibility to manually lock the target, it really irritates when I aim at the target for a long time, it is especially dangerous when SAM is involved on the ground, am I asking this feasible or not ???
  2. I'll check, but when HDR is turned off, everything works normally, I noticed that there isn't much difference and when HDR is turned on to any of the options...
  3. Hello friends, one question if someone can answer, it's about that, when in the graphics options, I turn on HDR and there are 4 settings OFF / COLD / NORMAL / WARM and I start firing Maverick or dropping a bomb, the game crashes to the start menu.When I turn this option OFF then everything is fine, my computer has a new 8GB RAM, Amd Ryzen 5 2600 six - core 3.40 GHz...Has anyone encountered this problem???
  4. Not to start a new post, I wonder why I can't type an example of every number of planes from a certain squadron, numbers from the group Flying Tigers or Maryland as well as Davis Monthan, I type numbers that really exist but there is always a different number on the plane?
  5. No, no, just installation from the original disc DCS A-10C
  6. I also miss the map of Crimea, I fell in love with it from the first Lock On, I flew from Belbek airport for 10 years, I wish it existed and could be added to the DCS A-10C, with working with a tanker it would be a multi-hour mission, which it lasted for 3 hours for me, is there anything to add ???
  7. Yes, there are in the folder, but when I enter the Training from the main interface, there is nothing there but options: Training Task / Lessons / Description...
  8. I have the same problem, I have the original DCS A-10C and I don't have any training mission in the main interface at all, although there is Training, I don't know why, I'm forced to learn from the beginning of the installation on your own,while there are training files in the simulation folder,the training option is empty...
  9. Thanks a lot, I solved the problem quickly last night, and the problem was when starting from the parking lot, the plane was not aligned with the navigation properly, I made a mistake when typing in the NAV / EGI / EAC procedure. I was in a hurry and I couldn't turn on the EAC button, Until a few days ago, I performed these procedures partly in the parking lot and partly after takeoff, then I had no problems, so I found and solved this one completely so that I could start from the parking lot clean,thanks for the advice,regards..
  10. Hello people, I hope I won't be bored, I have a problem, I'm probably doing it at the start from the parking lot at startup, it's about the following: When I load the bombs GBU-38/31 or CBU-103/105 I can't I activate from the carrier because on the DSMS it says ALN UNS, and all the time it is white, it doesn't turn green when it says ALN RDY or just RDY, I can't find out what I'm not doing well at the start when starting HUD and testing, navigation and everything else?I don't always have a problem with that, but it happened 2 times, last night and today, in both cases I circled over the target
  11. They also can't be activated until they go green on the DSMS screen on the carriers with marked attack bombs, I just had a problem and gave up the mission because they didn't update, or I made a mistake, it's just important to make SPI towards the target of the attack, and that will be enough, I don't even make target markers, I just make SPI,go straight to the target, and try to keep the best possible direction and straight, do not go below the set height due to CCRP INVALID. Good luck...
  12. If you still haven't solved the JDAM bomb problem, try typing 1000 in the DSMS profile for these bombs in the ALT option,wait for the moment when Man Rel appears on the HUD, at that moment hold the button to release the bomb,I hope I'm helpful...
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