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  1. No need for that... Thanks to ED for releasing FC:2. I'm really enjoying it and looking forward to final boxed version of DCS:A-10. Arizona
  2. OK, I just got around to installing Flaming Cliffs 2 and was disappointed to be greeted by a washed out, white menu. But everything else seems to work fine... It appears the suggested fix is to buy a new video card - which I'll do this summer when I build a new system. In the meantime, I'm stuck with this card. So, I was using a printout to understand what the buttons are on the main menu, but then I decided to try to change the background to see if I could improve it. I succeeded by changing the background to solid black. Now, there are no problems reading the main menu. T
  3. Thanks ED! Looking forward to FC 2.0. Any chance we can get the whole thing on one CD/DVD? I'd pay a bit more for the convenience of a single install. Anyways, this should help keep me content until DCS: A-10C... Arizona
  4. GoGamer.com is out of stock :( I was waiting for amazon.com to get it, hope I didn't wait too long... Arizona
  5. The primary cause was gravity. ;) Sorry, I couldn't resist. Arizona
  6. I let my PCG subscription expire years ago. I'm kind of surprised they even reviewed DCS:BS. He should have given +10 points for DCS:BS being something other than yet another first person shooter. Every now and then I'll pick up PCG at the newsstand to see if I should subscribe again, but it is always packed with reviews of the FPS flavors of the month and not much else. Looks like I'll be set on the 8th of April (when the box comes out). Then I'll be anxious for A-10C... Arizona
  7. How about Cuba? And Southern Florida... Could make a nice futuristic hypothetical campaign... Arizona
  8. Yes, you will see an improvement if you upgrade your SB Live Value. I found out it was holding me back in LOMAC. The bonus is its a cheap upgrade... Good luck! EDIT: Oh - just saw you're running an Audigy like me... Never mind!
  9. Congrats! Great job! All I need now is a box with a DVD in it! Of DCS:A-10, that is! Arizona
  10. Something to consider: there are add-ons for FSX that cost $50 or more. But more importantly, if you don't buy DCS:BS, you may not get the airframe you want... I'm not really interested in a helo sim, but how long has it been since we've had a good study sim on any airframe? ED needs our support in order to keep the DCS effort alive. I'll buy DCS:BS (when box version comes out) so I can eventually get the A-10 sim I've waited years for. It was a sad day almost ten years ago when EA: Janes suddenly quit and abandoned the A-10 sim they were working on. Anyways, $50 seems more t
  11. I'll buy Black Shark so I can have a jet... They've got to have some financial incentive to keep going... A-10 with AFM. Oh yeah! Arizona
  12. Not sure I'm thinking of the same view problem, but here is what I do: I've adjusted the settings in view.cfg and lua, etc, but I agree that I start off too close to the HUD when the mission starts. W/o Trackir, I press the / key on the numpad until it is where I want it. If I go too far, the * key brings it back closer. With Trackir (which is 99% of the time), I lean forward a bit, re-center trackIR (F12) and then sit back to my normal position, allowing TrackIR to zoom the view out. Four days now with a widescreen setup. Oh so happy I bought one! Hope this helps... Arizona
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