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  1. any chance to get the P-40 flyable?
  2. found it, stupid me, you just have to aim at the enemy and then you can shoot...:-)
  3. Thanks a lot for these outstanding mods, really like them a lot. I also really dig the F-84, even if if I am not wrong this mod is far from being completed yet. Would it be possible to add the possibility to use the sidewinders with it? You can choose them as weapons but seems not possible to shoot them?
  4. just discovered this thread...amazing stuff...any update on the SU-24 EFM mod?
  5. would be great if you could implement the same cockpit as the original japanese mod... do you think it's possible?
  6. well...the F-104 has a hook...also in the VSN Mod
  7. Great! Any tips how to take off from carrier? Seems impossible? THANKS!!!
  8. Love this mod, but how can I take off from a carrier with it? Tried every carrier in DCS, started pulling the brakes and not, everytime I don't get enough speed to not end up in the water...?
  9. seems not working anymore in 2.7.8. it blocks the whole mission editor, no payload allowed, mission does not start. Any fix? Thanks
  10. Hi, great mod, but how to drop the tail hook at landing? Seems there is no command, and does not come down when you drop the landing gear either?
  11. Hi, Cool mod! I managed to install it and fly it! However 3 things: Where exactly do I have to install the Sounds folder, how to close the bomb bay, and why the front wheel does not come up or down properly? Thanks!!!
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