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  1. Ah, it's a bit complicated but makes sense now. thanks a lot! now I also understand why I've got two versions of A-10 in my library and I wondered if I didn't see that I already had one
  2. Hi guys I'm new to DCS and so I'm not sure if this is normal behaviour in a sale. I just made an order in which I - besides others - bought tha A-10C II Tank Killer modul for about 55.99 USD The total amount of my order was 186.95 USD I then wanted to see, what I am going to spend my miles-money for. I was very surprised to see, that 5' after I bought the A-10C II, the same module now is listet for 19.99 USD. Now I felt a bit fooled so I wanted to ask you, if this is normal and I just had bad luck with the time of my order? greetings Thomas aka Loopan
  3. I guess we all know, that in the end I'll own all the helos (meaning in about 2-3 months) ;) Yes, I was hoping, there will be an easter sale but it seems that wont be the case. My problem is, that patience isn't my strong suit so it could well be, that I'll buy the most content before the next sale ;-o
  4. Thank you all so much for your help and recommendations! I considered all you were saying very carefully and..... bought both
  5. Hi all I'm new to the DCS-World and want to give a helicopter-module a try. I'm kinda sorting out what type of plane I want to full dive in first in DCS. I own FC3 and the FW-190 D9 as of right now. So I took babysteps in the Su-25 T and the Dora nine. I kind of liked both even when the FW-190 is quite difficult to handle for me. It took me numerous attempts to my first successful take-off and didn't manage to survive a landing yet. Now I want to see how a helicopter feels like in DCS. I narrowed it down to the Ka-50 or the Mi-8. What would you reccomend and why?
  6. ok, thank you guys a lot. You convinced me to change over to standalone and in a mather of fact I already did and was able to take the FC3 also to the standalone version w/o any problems. The main argument here was to support ED at fullest for their amazing work! I'm looking forward to all the new things I'll learn step by step
  7. Hi all I aksed this questions also in the steam forums but since there are mostly steam user (so I would guess) I also wanted to hear you standalone guys. I'm new in DCS but kind of hooked at first glance I'm 52 years old and grew up with Flightsimulations like "Tornado" "F16-Falcon" "Janes F15" and many more. Long story short, I came to stay! I ordered a Virpil Hotas (it will be here soon) to replace my T-1600 and I also bought a Track-IR wich I looove btw. Right now I only own the DCS Steam World and the FC3 also on steam. I just saw the pre sale video of t
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