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  1. Aha, no, I haven't heard of it. My thing is that I just like variety--being able to fly many different planes that are currently unavailable as official modules.
  2. Thanks, GJS. Yeah, my friends and I don't really enjoy the high fidelity modules. We're not trying to become real pilots (and if we were, we would just take flying lessons or join the military), and aren't interested in spending 20 minutes on the ground, clicking buttons in the cockpit, only to get knocked out by the first SAM and then have to spend 20 minutes doing it all over again. The FC3 planes are realistic enough for us. In any case, I'll be hosting a server for the VSN mods soon. I'm sure it'll be great fun. DCS World is still better than say, flying in Arma 3 or War Thunde
  3. Dear All, This is a project that I'm trying to get off of the ground (no pun intended), since I know that many would like to fly the great variety of modded planes which exist out there. The server will be running primarily off of the VSN mods, plus the Rafale and Mirage F-1. It will be mostly PVE, and we're hosting with friends and whoever else from this forum decides to join. Say hello when you hop into our Discord! Download the mod pack here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ka0eex9iob729s/Aircraft.zip?dl=0 Join our Discord (to hear when we're hosting): https://discord.gg/W
  4. Hi All, I really enjoy flying the modded aircraft based on FC3, such as those created by the VSN folks. The FC3 planes are fun and relatively simple, and you don't have to sell your kidney to figure out how to fly them. They also have great variety. Anyway, will 2.7 break all of the modded aircraft we currently enjoy? Is this just a ploy to get us to buy more official modules (all, like, seven of them or whatever)? I know that the flight sim community is relatively small, but I find that most of my friends are open to FC3-style planes and not so much the button si
  5. Hi All, I would really like to take the MiG-31 (with refueling) by Robert and give it the standard flight model used in other mods. Who can help? It can't be that hard. It also needs to be able to climb to 80,000 feet and go Mach 2. PayPal, CashApp, Venmo. Let me know what works.
  6. It can't be that complicated to just slap the standard flight model (SFM) onto this mod somehow. All of the other mods in this game used that flight model, loosely based on an F-15. I'm not looking for realism here. I want the thing to fly at mach 2 and climb to 80,000 feet. If anyone knows how to get this mod to use the standard flight model, as those used in the VSN mods (more than 10 different planes), let me know.
  7. Hello All, I'd really like to tweak Robert's MiG-31 mod (the one with refueling), and I'd pay real money to do so. It needs an improvement to its flight model (it handles like a bus at the moment) and its speed/altitude capabilities. This thing is supposed to fly at 80,000 feet and is capable of around Mach 2.5. Who would be willing to take on the project? These are the only things that need fixing. Other than that, the plane works wonderfully (R-37 missiles from CubanAce mimic the real ones used today). PayPal, CashApp, or Venmo. Let me know.
  8. Hello, I'm wondering if someone would be willing to make me some skins for the VSN mod Mirage IIIC and IIIS. I will pay real money. I will also pay real money to improve the MiG-31 mod with refueling, by Robert. It needs to handle a bit better and be able to reach its advertised speed and altitude. Right now, it's too dependent on the AI flight model, which sucks. Let me know if you can help. I have PayPal, CashApp, and Venmo.
  9. RESOLVED: I was just trying to target random buildings without any AI enemies. It wasn't truly locked. I was still in "KC" cursor mode.
  10. Hello, I'm flying the VSN Tornado (modded aircraft) with the Litening pod. Every time I try to launch a GBU-27 or 12, I maintain camera lock. However, as I fly over the target near my release point, the camera loses lock and resets to its default position. The bomb then misses. Isn't the camera supposed to automatically keep lock as you fly over the target? It's strange. Is it bugged? Should I be flying in a circle around the target or something?
  11. Hello All, I have installed several modded aircraft, and was wondering: is there an easy way to change the flight model by perhaps modifying some parameters in an .lua file or something? I have this MiG-31 that really does not climb to the altitude it is capable of (can't surpass 40k feet), nor does it achieve speeds of mach 2.5. I was thinking that if it was just a "standard flight model" (SFM), as in that of the MiG-23UB mod by CubanAce, it might perform better. Any help is appreciated. I just want this thing to fly high and fast. The missiles are great, but it's performance
  12. Yeah, I think it is indeed more like 25km, around 80k feet. Anyway, do you know how I might change its flight model to mimic that of another aircraft? Is there an easy way to do this? That may allow it to reach these criteria. I'm not a sucker for super realism, so I don't really care about fidelity. I just want it to fly high and fast.
  13. Hey CubanAce,


    I was wondering if you could work on the flight model for the MiG-31 mod (see link below). The mod works great, especially with your BV missiles from the Su-57. Even refueling works. However, I noticed that the plane can't reach its ceiling of approximately 32K meters/100K feet. It also doesn't get to Mach 2.5, which it is supposed to do easily (mach 2.8 is the red zone where air frame damage begins to occur). Thus, you can't really play it as it was supposed to be used in wartime. It gets chewed up at lower altitudes. I think the turn rate is okay, given that this isn't a super maneuverable dog fighter (more like a "missile boat"), but yeah . . . you get my point.


    Even substituting the current flight model for something that could approximate the above would be helpful (an F-15? Su-27?). Right now, though, these problems put you at a huge disadvantage!




    Of course, I know that you have a lot of projects going on. From what I understand, you're like an O.G. modder around here. I'm pretty new, but would love to fly a workable MiG-31.

  14. Hello, I've been playing with the MiG-31 mod (see link below) and noticed that the plane cannot climb to its real ceiling of about 32K meters (roughly 100K feet). This makes it unrealistic, as you can't fly at edge-of-space altitudes, as it was intended to do. Neither does the mod fly at the speed of mach 2.5 or so, which the MiG-31 is able to reach. Can anyone help with adjusting the flight model or perhaps just substituting its current flight model for another that allows such climbing and speed (maybe the F-15?). See link to the mod below. It's not mine--I just uploaded it to my
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