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  1. As has been explained many times, vague laws can be very dangerous. I don't think ED wants to set a precedent here. The Ka-52 did not enter service in 1999. It was ~2010 if I recall correctly. Even for a Russian company it will be very difficult to gather anything on it. Only recently Rosoboronexport published some details on the systems in the Ka-52K, such as the ILS-28 and several pages on the MFDs, but this is probably nowhere near enough information to accurate model it. Other than that there's only some footage released of the FLIR in Syria by the Ministry of Defence and a sma
  2. This bug is still present in the current 2.7 beta version.
  3. @BIGNEWY Hi, is there any updates on this? I've also had a few cases (usually dusk/dawn, or a slight fog/rain) where the target was clearly visible in Shkval, but it simply refuses to lock the target.
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