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  1. When we are in ACM mode and we switch to BVR mode the radar always stays in range 10 and switches to 10 CRM instead of switching to a larger range
  2. Hello, I would like to adjust the display of the yellow cross cursor in the cockpit. When I don't move the mouse, the yellow cross stays displayed for about 6 seconds before disappearing, I love this function but I would like to reduce the display to only 3 seconds before it goes away, does anyone know how to do that? thhhxxxx
  3. Hello, I think it's a pity that the following buttons are already activated by default in the cold and dark startup: ENG FEED, C&I, AIR SOURCE, I think it would be better to leave them off and let the players activate them Thanks
  4. (sorry for english im french) I am writing to you because I really like the F16 module, I didn't think it was possible to do better in terms of pleasure than the f18 but yes, it is possible. please don t Forget this module, it’s a gem. on the other hand I find that the CAT 3 for the CDVEs is poorly made ... the plane is much too heavy, it looks like I am piloting an AIRBUS A380, I went on another similar game to test the F16 and I realized that the CAT3 was much lighter the plane is so heavy in CAT3 that I have to leave it in CAT1 all the time, do you think of modifying the behavior of the jet without this mode?
  5. yes but it's not the original campaigns, for the price of the module I would have liked a well done campaign with voices etc For me, the Mirage 2000 campaign provided with the purchase of the module is exceptional and people should be inspired by it because it is progressive and we learn a lot of things Do you know if a simple and progressive campaign is available now? Thanks
  6. Hello, Sorry for my English, I am French I just bought the F16 after a week of testing and training. I love this plane (I come from the F18), the cockpit, the global visual, its speed, its feeling in the flight... One thing I think is missing is a progressive campaign! I bought the plane and I was disappointed not to find a campaign… My wish would be to have a campaign like the Mirage 2000, that is to say which starts gradually and which gives full information on the plane, it is a super interesting and immersive training. Thank you for this module and I hope you continue to work on it because it is simply great on many aspects
  7. I can't install it no installation information, I tried to create a liveries folder with the f18 but it doesn't work
  8. Hello, on paid campaigns I cannot add an aircraft as a client, the person cannot select the aircraft once connected to the server
  9. Hello, if my friend buys the serpent head 2 campaign, could I modify the mission to add a plane as a client and play in multiplayer with a friend?
  10. Hello, I notice a rather annoying problem with the f18, when I turn my head and thus the camera, I see the straps of the cockpit and I cross the texture to then see correctly With the Mirage 2000 and the other planes I don't have this problem, when I turn the head I don't cross the texture
  11. I can't, it didn't generate a log, I just had to forcefully close and return windows
  12. just by starting a mission, removing the pause, game crash, already twice
  13. the game crashes every second mission, it gets really boring 4th crash in a row
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