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  1. HI Lefuneste, i founded the answer by myself! I created a "d3dx_user.ini" in the folder where the dcs.exe is!! and it works !!! I don't understand why this file don't exist in my config, but nevermind! So thanks for your support, and good job for your mods, it works great, that we could translate in french : "ça déchire, mec!" A.
  2. Hi Lefuneste and thankx for your quick reply. I can't find any "d3dx_user.ini" file in DCS folder, is that an issue? Should I create it manually? Other (maybe) stupid question, in VR mode, Mod's menu is appearing only on one eye, is that normal? A.
  3. Hi all, i tested the mods, and it works fine, but i can't save the configuration, when i click Alt+F12, the whole setup is forgotten, and it is as if i've never changed anything I saw a previous post where someone got the same issue, but i didn't find the way to solve it. Can you help me? Thkx by advance,
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