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  1. @Mr_sukebe did you even read my post ? I said I can assign buttons in DCS but anymore advanced configuration is impossible. I understand I can use other software tools to do what I want (joystick gremlin for example). The reason I mention Winwing is because this is a Winwing issue. Is it stupid to expect a manual for 1000 euro kit ?
  2. So I bought both the Taurus and the Libra. I do play Start Wars Squadrons with friends so I started with that. As SWS has a bug where you can not assign a button to drift I wanted to assign a keyboard key to one of the buttons on my WinWing. I did not succeed. I have 25 year experience in IT (both systems as programming) but I have not been able to assign a key to a button on a joystick that costed me 1000 Euro !!!! I have searched but I cannot find anything online, there is no documentation for the simapppro at all. Even the functionality for DCS I do not understand. Yes I can
  3. @Bunny Clark Cool, I will do that when I receive the unit next week!
  4. thanks, that is indeed what I am looking for. Now I need to find the throttle template..
  5. ok thanks, I think I did not make clear enough what I am looking for. I am looking for a graphical representation of the joystick so I can fill in the function I assigned. With my current thrustmaster setup I look a lot at the picture with all functions assigned to the buttons so I know what is what.
  6. Hi all, I am thinking of buying a winwing (super taurus & super libra) so I am trying to find a layout picture but I have no luck up till now. I did find settings file but none include a picture of the assigned functions. I really need this (I am fairly new to DCS) to learn what everything does. Suggestions ? Thanks, J
  7. I Have a setup with 2 bass shakers, but only 1 is under my seat, the other is under my pedals. The manual states the default is 2 shakers under the seat, so how do I adjust this to my setup ? Thanks in advance, Joost
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