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  1. I'm running with a old processor ( 5930K ) with 32 gb of ram and a RTX 3090 when i took a helicopter on Syria map my frames can't go higher than 45 - 50 FPS i'm running 2560x1080 without Vsync .. DCS have serious problem with game optimization
  2. Hello Viper pilots, Do you we have in future a JHMSC like the FA18 when we want to do some air ground operation ? atm without steerpoint in quite a pain to designate at the last moment ....
  3. i cannot recommend a RTX 3090 at all , the main problem with DCS is just a horrible optimization, On Syria with a chopper (KA50) i can't get more than 60 FPS, i have some drop to 20 I7 5930K 64 gb ram RTX 3090 running in 2560X1080 a friend with a 6900XT got better result in 2K. DCS can't exploit the power of RTX 3XXX series
  4. You right , to be really accurate with story or spec when 90% or people use zoom in cockpit MEEEEEH. because i'm more a gamer than a simmer, i prefer to get something not 100% exact but usefull like a FLIR, than a 100 % exact but useless ^^ IGLA exact or not can't become the huge different when you engage a KA50 , it's like sidewinder on A10 , you can take it you do it but who gonna do some PVP with A10 ?
  5. I'm really new on Chopper, i'm coming from M2K F18 then F16, i really enjoy the KA50, is really easy and some logic are really close to jet. Except the night capability don't underestimate the firepower of KA50 to clean a objective , 12 Vikhr when a A10 come with 6 mavericks and some GBU
  6. A toutes les stations Fox 3 recrute des pilotes pour nos opérations du vendredi et les sessions de la semaine (entraînement et/ou PvP/ PvE sur serveur) Nous recherchons des joueurs motivés de tous niveau, nous organisons aussi bien des sessions de training que de perfectionnement. Nous volons essentiellement sur F18, M2000, F16 et plus récemment sur F14 en pilote + RIO, et même du ventilateur Gazelle + KA50 Notre vision est un équilibre entre simulation et réalisme, nous jouons sérieusement. On vous attend sur discord Discord : https://discord.gg/FfZU2dCevp Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/fox3.dcs/ Fin de transmission
  7. When i see the WIP 3D model, no doubt about 6 pylons, but shkval seems to be the same, and no trace of President S. Well a upgrade is a upgrade, i hope something to use this module by night.
  8. Hello Pilot, I'm a new player on chopper (in my team we name helicopter = ventilator ), i really enjoy this module, i think it's under estimate. What we can really expect with BS3? Well apache is coming too, i know it's a big debate beetween KA50 and people don't want to see a KA52, to be honest i don't really matter, about number, i'm not focus 100% fidelity or 90 % Igla ? why not , it's like sidewinder or A10, you take it because you can but when are they usefull ? MWS, OK it could be cool , usefull not a best deal but ok enhanced cockpit what doest it mean ? Only visual ? or a retrofit ? "expand gameplay", for me the only real thing needed is night pod, the Ka-50F exist. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamov_Ka-50#/media/Fichier:Kamov_Ka-50_in_Moscow.jpg In term of upgrade A10c to A10C II, just the Scorpio helmet do all the job and yes the upgrade is worth it, in term of quality of life it's a huge plus. AA capacity/MWS ? meh What do you think ?
  9. Hello, The mod should be installed with JSGME.exe, right, but i should use the Save game/mod or the real root of DCS (where all legit files are) ? Only one time i was able to start the Apache BUT it replace the KA-50 ? it is what is except?
  10. Maverick are just god tier weapons if you are nont engaging sam and you can engage at 10 nm MAX. You can align in ground your maverick with TGP, isn't mandatory , depends of task need, on low thread target i prefer to lock with TGT, lock with maverick boresight and go :D. in 1 strike you can fire 3 mavericks without pain
  11. you can't do nothing about the topcat , you can shit on viper, that was DCS players. Instead of force ED to optimise or do something better for that old game in term of UI UX design, dynamics campain, bring back a life at your game .
  12. Well, a little bump for something that we really need. F16 refuel in a dark night is just horrible.
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