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  1. I think a balloon or a zeppelin would be just hot air. So I’m still thinking Apache. The next step in development, “ highly detailed and complex aircraft representing a huge milestone” 1. Dual cockpit coding (coming) 2. Needs a proper FLIR (coming) 3. Ground radar fire control (coming) Three milestones right there and including the new tech they are still working on for this year that hasn’t been released. I would have to assume that Heatblur is not apart of this to, but that’s only my assumption.
  2. Helicopters are called aircraft too. However they are not airplanes they are rotorcraft but both are a subcategory of aircrafts. Also a hot air balloon is an aircraft, ie lighter than air category. Maybe we will get a full fidelity hot air ballon sim to do some close air support missions or go air to hot air with the Tomcat
  3. It’s the AH-64 Apache. They have been developing it for a while in the background. We just got the Viper last year and they are implementing multi crew in the Huey. Complex doesn’t always mean what you might think they are trying to say. Plus the Mi-24 needs a balance. I really think it’s the Apache and here is a big clue... https://stormbirds.blog/2018/04/06/new-details-suggest-eagle-dynamics-has-f-16-ah-64-new-maps-in-development/ I can hope at least.
  4. The problem is with the newer nvidia drivers. I’ve done extensive testing not only with DCS but other flight sims and racing sim too. The only sure fix is to roll back to 388.58 it’s the only driver that is rock stable. Many oculus vr developers have been trying to get nvidia to address this issue, but it’s been a very slow process. From isn’t main stream enough to get the full attention it deserves by nvidia yet witch is a shame. These ghost stutters are so bad sometimes that taking your head set off and quitting the sim doesn’t solve the problem. Try and get 388.58 and retest.
  5. The program can't start because MSVCR120.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. Yep did that and no joy
  6. cobrakev

    View System

    Here is a View Point or ( Seat Position) to try if you are like me and have found flying the hog with your chin on the stick and nose to the APU fire handle to be a bit of a streach. This seams to be a pretty good setup for it. But your milage may vary...:joystick: Snap[11][13] = {} Snap[11][13]["y_trans"] = -0.0 Snap[11][13]["x_trans"] = 0.22 Snap[11][13]["hAngle"] = 0 Snap[11][13]["viewAngle"] = 83.0 Snap[11][13]["vAngle"] = -0 Snap[11][13]["rollAngle"] = 0 Snap[11][13]["z_trans"] = 0 Just copy and paste this code and replace the LAST 8 LINES of the file named "SnapViewsDefault.lua" (without "") you will need to edit this file with notepad. The file is located in the C,D,E:/Program Files/Eagle Dynamics/DCS A-10C Beta/Config/View/ folder. give it a shot and see if its a little better for ya...:pilotfly:
  7. Oh yea i forgot to tell every one that I use trackir as well.
  8. I will post a eyepoint fix for anyone to try out useing the same zoom level as default. Its about 11 inches farther back from default. And it levels the pitch of your view so you are looking streight ahead and not 22 degrees down. Its the best i have found that can show almost all of the hud. And it is slightly higher up meaning the pilots eyes are above the top of the hud glass as in real life. Just look at the pictures and out sife views of were the pilot eyes would be. It acualy works pretty good.
  9. I was able to find how to adjust my seat position without useing zoom functions. I will post how I did this when i get back home, right now i am on the road using a smartphone. However i have found that simply moving the eye point back (not by using the zoom keys) the HUD gets cut off. In Black Shark the Hud looked and fit the glass it was projected on perfectly. However with the A-10c if you move your head back (or eyepoint) to were it would be in real life the HUD symboligy feild of view becomes larger than the glass its projected on. Like I said before in Black Shark this wasnt the case. I hope this can be fixed...
  10. Is there anyway to adjustthe eyepoint in the cockpit I have found an Up and Down seat adjustment but I am looking to move back and forth to. I am using Track Ir v5 and find that the view point is way to close to the front panel. Its akin to driving you car with your nose touching the steering wheel. I also found that the up button on the seat adjustment only opens the canopy and dosnt move the eyepoint up however the down button works as advertised. just a small bug I guess.
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