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  1. You can also fiddle with the curves on the throttles for the other jets to make 80% (or where ever you make the detent for your setup) the mil power for the jet even if it is 87% by design.
  2. As others have eluded to, English is the common language of aviation. But it's not required to use. It is common to hear the local language used on all sorts of military and civil ATC channels for "local" traffic with English used for foreign aircraft.
  3. Hand signals are still used today. See the linked video for an example. Now, how to see them in game is another story.
  4. I'm not even sure the throttle has an intermediate setting. :)
  5. Fixing IR so that it's not just a filter on top of the visual layer is on the roadmap and was supposed to be before the F-18's TPOD but the people spoke and we get this for a while longer.
  6. Since we don't really have data cartridge functionality I don't find that surprising. It's not like we are loading our settings into the system.
  7. Is the gateway work in progress? The only thing I've read from ED sources says it's in. If what is in the game is their end state then it is what it is, but it's sorely lacking.
  8. One thing to remember is that the nozzle should have an articulation point just forward of the dark grey area which would let it lay more level when connected.
  9. For what it's worth, the canopy not working right on ejection when open isn't a problem that should exist IRL since you don't arm your seat until the EOR inspection and disarm it when you are at the landing EOR. By the time the canopy is open the seat has been safed for a while.
  10. I understand, my jet has one head control two RTs as well, but wouldn't the second ARC-210 remove the FM ARC-186 or did the jet get a fourth radio at that point?
  11. In the release trailer the ARC-210 is in the forward position and there's still an ARC-186 in the aft.
  12. I'm not sure that it's not burning out prematurely at the moment. I'll have to keep better track of it in the coming sessions.
  13. I had a buddy have an issue with this last night and it recurred today to me. After being able to change the code of weapons several times they stopped being able to change the code on several weapons. After I stopped being able to change codes on the pylons I was working on I went back to make the first ones I had changed match and I couldn't change those anymore either. Track linked due to size limit. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-ql-7Ce6XYY2Y0mD8ZmjoIg_AMJ-kk4n/view?usp=sharing
  14. While GBU isn't described in 4120.15, it's used to describe multiple guided unpowered weapons.
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