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  1. September 1984 The first to go up in the Viggen was our boss, Hilton Moses. I remember going out with him to the aeroplane and seeing him laughing and smiling, and then seeing him getting out and coming back to the crewroom looking like he’d just been put through some kind of crazy combination between a fairground ride and a washing machine. Then I went flying in the afternoon, and it changed my life. ‘They would fly around at Mach 0.95, 650kt give or take a bit, and they trained at 10m. We flew through firebreaks in trees, we flew all over northern Sweden at 30ft, and we never went below 600kt. All of this, I should add, was done under about a 150 to 200ft overcast with no breaks. In the RAF, anybody who wanted to get old would not have flown in that weather. After about 40 minutes, we pulled up into cloud, and the pilot then flew a 4-degree hands-off approach with his hands on his head into a remote airstrip, landed, reversed into a parking bay, did an engine-running refuel without any communication with the people on the ground except hand signals, taxied out and took off in the direction that we’d landed in. Wind direction just wasn’t factored. Full article interview-hr.pdf (collectair.co.uk)
  2. No the copy Sweden the spy just missed that STRIL50 after 1956 when J35 Drakeb got the data link it had voice msg and digital data. A light went on that digita data is the future and STRIL60 prio 1. The expected capacity of STRIL50 is where Russia was 1975. And with out the data link Sweden wouldn't have got a singel lockon SR-71 and no change in hell keeped the lock with SR-71 heavy jamminig. That Russia never lockon on the SR-71 or shoot it down. Its a hard confirm they didn't have any advance data link probably copy our STRIL50 and had to star all over from the beginning in the 70's but adopted computer and digital data. Best Russian data link I seen today update ever 2 sec at best still to slow for real time data. EF2000 have come closest to the Swedish system when radar off an lockon and fire a missile using wing mans radar 2009. Swedish system with same performance was in service 1981 say it again in service...
  3. No 1 Sweden here think we was the pioneers in data link from West last time I checked. The Russian data link system looks like a bad copy of ur Swedish STRIL50 that was designed in the late 40's Finnish in mid 50's J35 Draken was the first one fitted with a data link. Could Voice transmission and tactical help from bas station and for unknown reasons they added digital data. Around 1956 they fast release digital was the future and and the limitations of the STRIL50 was pretty clear. 1961 J35 Draken got a mechanical computer and in service with STRIL60. Now it was pretty much just testing the hel out of the system and connect everything that hade a transmitter. Now it was tweak it to perfection and prepare untill JA37 Viggen is finish it hade been designed on central computer it was named calkylator37. Viggen is the first known aircraft with a central computer. Guess the Russian spy miss that impotent part digital... The Russian data link posted here dated 1975 is pretty much where STRIL50 reach its end and the system was scrapt for STRIL60. I guess all that time waiting for computer to be power enuffe to run STRIL60 for full capacity all J35 and JA37 built had data link from mid 60's and got updated frequently. I guess all the waiting and tweaking pays of. The Swedish Data link had 1sec response in ~1981 it's what's needed for real time data so I can use your wing men or bas radar on your screen an go silent and lock on fire your missile and it flow wing mans lockon. With out this system Sweden would not have a chans to lockon the SR-71 and kept the look even under havey jamming and got a simulated kill. So hav do whe know the Russians data link didn't succeed? They never lockon or shoot down the SR-71. I rest my case. The EF2000 is build from grownd up with data link in minde, just like the Viggen and Gripen. It's the one that that have the capacity to run closer to our avagees Swedish for now. 2009 EF2000 for its first time use the wingman's radar to fire a missile. As JA37 did 70-80's Stealth planes data link used by F-22 och F-35 is not stable so looks like they taking a brake and are pleased with Link16 for now. I have a feeling the EF2000 link will be unstable and end up with Link16. For some time. Czech Gripen got the version 3 update 2006 History about the data link and SIRI50 well put together ups and down for the different known system system in use. https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/swedish-air-force-datalink-history-and-gripen-link-16-integration-described-by-czech-air-force-article.33880/
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