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  1. Hi, Exports should come out to /diagrams folder. Known issue with newest DCS world atm with them introducing disabled devices.
  2. Possibly being dim here, but is there any documentation for the new kneeboard system? How do you configure it's location etc? Not seen anything in patch notes or on the forum. For me it's still nackered on mutlimonitor, are there new config lines for the monitor config required?
  3. Easier if you hopped on discord to be honest, assuming you're on Windows 10 and not 7 or god forbid XP.
  4. Hi thanks, These are on radar for next release!
  5. Something that ruins immersion for me, is the radio menu. Having to reach for my mouse when I have so many buttons I could use on HOTAS is the one annoyance. The wish? - Ability to navigate the radio menus, with visual cursor/caret - Button Bind for Next Item - Button Bind for Previous Item - Button Bind for Enter item Why? Binding this to something like a encoder input (as per Virpil throttles) would allow fast navigation of menus, to perform tasks like refuel calls completely hands on stick.
  6. Hi dude... Looks like you've selected wrong thing, or accidentally clicked on a folder. Need to select the saved games/dcs folder, not a folder within.
  7. For that you'll probably need to go into your device config for VKB, I assume you've accidentally put a space in the device name! I will however put a note down for 1.3 to trim device names so stop this happening, the only fix I think is changing your VKB device name for now, or if you use powershell cd yourTemplateDirectory ren "./VKB-Sim Gladiator NXT R.svg" "./ VKB-Sim Gladiator NXT R.svg" That should work.
  8. Hi dude, the templates need to match device name 1:1, so if it says the above, then your file must be called VKB-Sim Gladiator NXT R.svg Are you sure there isn't like a space in your device name at the start? Hop on discord and can help out :)
  9. Hi man, thanks very much. VKB stuff is on my radar and might roll some more templates into 1.3. Also correct, right no modifiers not exported and looking at this (most likely after AXIS/POV work though). On the export side, some work done here to allow potentially defining output type. Also have a requested feature for automated DCS kneeboard output Cheers for the feedback! As above, modifiers I will look at in time. It does however tie into your next point. Right now, static templates is far easier - I may need to look into dynamically interacting but am avoiding this f
  10. Joystick Diagrams This started off as a script made by me for use with Joystick Gremlin, after some work I've made it compatible with DCS, which is pretty much all I use it for :) What does it do? Automatically will create your joystick profiles for you, either from Joystick Gremlin or DCS World configs. This saves time when you have new planes and so forth, no more messing about with filling out a custom template and editing it every 5 minutes while you refine your setup Supported Joysticks (out of the box) Slowly building this out, with help of some community members too. C
  11. I meant in the support ticket. I had posted that deactivation was done etc, just waiting for a follow up "Payment refunded, please wait 3-5 business days for the money to appear in your account" message. I am willing to wait a few days for that message as he is probably dealing with someone else.
  12. Then I apologise. What does it tie to then? Your shop login details?
  13. I think you need to re-read the comment I made, I was talking about FUTURE implementation of the DCS A10 multiplayer system into BLACKSHARK which uses the forum logins no? That is what I was worried about in regards to forum access and future ability to patch DCS BS if the system came into play. Other than that, I'd say we can leave it there. I would ask that this thread remains OPEN for now until the matter is properly resolved (still no refund confirmation).
  14. Thank you for your reply EtherealN. Please note that the TICKET problem was not mine or related to any ISP issues as you state. I have a statement recorded from your staff stating that it was an internal problem caused by a member of staff, setting my ticket to internal instead of external... so please do not pin that blame on me, I don't see it as fair. There seems to be some confusion that > I < replied to the ticket and got nothing back and my message did not get through, instead it was YOUR staff who posted the message and commited a fault, not me, and as such I'd like an apolo
  15. Hello Viper, I was wondering when you'd post here with the usual lines. If you haven't noticed, the last post was fairly clear, calm and professional. I meerly stated that ED could be inbreach of LAWS (those things outside of your forum world), which actually matter to people. I wanted to get this issue resolved with no air of legal action being thought about or pursued, perhaps you don't understand the seriousness of the situation. As of now, Tez has replied on the ticket, and the game has subsequently been deactivated and I await a full refund. Now... I was going to ask you to deactiva
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