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  1. Chinaski


    P-38 is the last main figther which is not yet planned for the 44 European theater. We talk a lot about the priority between 262 vs the Hellcat , but the P-38 would perfectly fit Channel, normandy and the pacific map. I really think P-38 should be a priority for ED.
  2. I think after the mosquito, ED will focus on the pacific theater, it is what i understand from the post of Nineline in the Me 262 topic. I hope the choosen one will be a P-38 even if we will need Japanese aircraft
  3. It would be so great if we could get at least (in addition of what is already planned): - BF 109 G6 -Ju-88 -A6M Zero (Day one) -Ki-61 and Ki-84 -B-25 and/or B-24 (Day one) -P-38 (Day one) -Ju-87 -Hawker Tempest (Day one) -Yak 3 (Day one) -La-7 -Eastern european 1944/1945 Map And after that, focus on Battle of England , Libya and sicilia
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