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  1. Does this mod work with DCS 2.5/2.7?
  2. I just noticed, I can reload missions as many times as I want if all the aircraft are AI, but if a single one is client/player, DCS will crash.
  3. Just wondering, could someone please link the mod in Google Drive or Media Fire? The current download link isn't working for me.
  4. Deleting "DCS" in my temp folder did the trick for about 5 sessions, but unfortunately it's crashing again.
  5. I'm loving this mod, but it's unusable in most situations for me and a lot of other people because things like the rudder, throttle, roll, pitch, etc. can't be bound to keys, which makes it very difficult for people to fly. The only way I can get this thing in the air is by binding my rudder to a spare throttle axis, and then driving across the airport like a madman to the runway. I hope keybinds get added soon, but otherwise, this is one of the best mods out there. Great work!
  6. Is VSN compatible with DCS Open Beta 2.7, or would I need to downgrade to use the aircraft?
  7. When I try running "DCS_updater.exe init EN", I always get this error that says "unable to open database file". Is there something that I'm missing?
  8. I set up a small formation of 5 AI MB-339s, and after the break, they are all supposed to rejoin in a line, but the lead aircraft doesn't join with the others. Instead, it makes the right turn required for the next waypoint, but then immediately turns around and then lands at the airbase. It had enough fuel to fly the formation, there were no threats in the area, the aircraft was undamaged, and there was lots of space between it and the other aircraft. Does anyone know what could have caused it to divert from the flight plan, and how to stop it from doing so?
  9. I just dowloaded the mod, and it looks and flies great! I do have major issues with the rudder though, where its basically all over the place, extremely hard to keep the aircraft on track, and just a pain in the a** to use. I'm using, with key controls for the rudder. Has anyone else had this problem, or know how to fix it?
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