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  1. Just had a look in the A10C II user manual and I guess this is the new functionality. FYI: Can keybind CMSP Next Up Roary and CMSP Next Down Rotary to cycle through the programs quickly
  2. Hello. With the new update the functionality of the CMS keybindings in A10C appears to have changed. As of DCS CMS Z axis now runs the selected CMS programme CMS UP = 1 Flare CMS DOWN = 1 Chaff CMS Left = 6 Flares CMS Right = 6 Chaff This doesn't match with the manual and what it was doing yesterday before the update CMS Z used to activate the ECM pod CMS Up used to run the selected program CMS Down used to stop the selected program CMS Left/Right used to cycle between programs Have tried to reinstall the A10C module and repair game files (both repair options) with no success. I have no modifications. Can't find any changes on the latest changelog for A10C. How do I activate the ECM pod now? Cheers
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