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  1. Well, if it makes you feel any better you are not the only one. I started a thread a while ago and it got buried. Anyway, I have been flying more MP missions and can report that I have not had any crashes since updating all of my drivers. I still lose my sounds during extensive MP flights but I have been able to avoid the crashes. The only thing I did was update my motherboard drivers, my sound card drivers, and my graphics drivers. I can't be certain if that was the fix or I have just been lucky. Anyway, you can review the other thread if you like: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.p
  2. Yes, I get that too. I'm curious. I have reviewed my errors.log.txt file and noticed a series of entries indicating that certain sounds failed to play due to running out of memory. Check your file and see if it too states that sounds failed to play. Your temp folder is located at X:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50\Temp where x = your installed drive.
  3. Well, the game froze again tonight with the same problem as described above. I have attached my two error log files which show a lot of "out of memory" entries for sound and also a D3DERR_INVALIDCALL for creating a pixel shader. I have updated my sound drives, my video card drivers, my chipset drivers so hopefully my log files can shed some light on the issue. Error.log.txt errors.log.txt
  4. I was able to fly approximately 1.5 hours tonight without a crash. However, I noticed that I started losing rotor sounds toward the end of the mission. Normally I can exit the cockpit and go to the outside view and my sounds will return. Not tonight.....but, my game didn't crash. Perhaps the onboard audio card was unable to properly handle the sim for long periods of flying in one mission. I don't know....just grasping here but after reading my error logs and the mention of "out of memory" and unable to play certain sounds, I'm thinking that is a good place to start looking. Just my opin
  5. We had another user report the same problem while flying on line last night.......We have different set ups and I hope a developer can take a look at the files and perhaps pin point something.
  6. Thanks for the reply carmelid. Glad to know that I'm not the only one. I don't remember experiencing this issue in Lock On so it is a new one to me.
  7. Well, it happened again tonight. However, I did not get another .crash file but I did see an error log in a .txt file. For some reason, it lists a series of sound files that it tried to play and then, it said that it ran out of memory. Quite strange. I'm going to switch to using my Soundblaster X-Fi sound card as the primary card and see if that helps.
  8. I spent some time last night flying with some friends on line and flew as a client and also as the host. Both times, the game froze after approximately 30-45 minutes of flying. On both times the game screen froze but I could still here sounds in the background and I could cycle through the different Ka-50's. The screen would not change but I could tell by the different sounds that I was changing helicopters. Anyway, I have attached the two .crash files and hopefully they can provide some direction in this matter. Thanks. System specs: Asus A8N-E, AMD FX-60, 2 GB DDR RAM, ATI X1900XTX
  9. We flew a MP mission via the Internet tonight and the clients were unable to properly lock ground targets and deploy the Maveric. The host could hit the targets but clients could not. Has anyone else noticed this? It was quite frustrating going 0-8 in Maveric deployments. Any help or feedback would be appreciated. Oh, and everyone was connected via cable or DSL and using version 1.12a.
  10. Turn the haze from advanced to basic. I personally don't notice much of a difference in visual quality and you can save a lot of FPS. Also, I too notice extremely low FPS with the Su-25T at the airports. I don't know what to do about that one. Anyway, hope this helps.
  11. Also, that IP that you are seeing, is your internal IP address on your home network. Your Linksys router is also a DHCP server so it automatically assigns internal IP address to each computer hooked up to your home network. In order for you to host games, you need to give the clients your public IP address. That number that you saw,, is your public IP. If you log into your router (I too have a Linksys Router), click on the "status tab." You will see some information and you will also find your public IP address. Now, under the main tabs, you should see three o
  12. Well, I never saw an "official" post from Skypat, but the rumor was that he has left flight simming. Perhaps he will show up or post some place else and confirm or deny the rumors.
  13. No, I do not overclock my CPU. Our squad mate has an Intel 3.2 and at one point, it was overclocked to 3.6 with no significant improvement with LOMAC. Dusty is running a 3.4 Ghz and overall, he has the same impressions that I do and he too can see some dramatic drops in heavy areas. BBQ, as far as what I/we do for fun, it is limited to mainly multiplayer missions. I never thought I would say it, but multiplayer is the only thing I really care about. Single player used to be my choice of play but since I now have DSL, multiplayer is all I care about. I have run through the training mi
  14. Unfortunately, lowering the resolution does not offer much of a solution. I have ran various tests and the difference between 16X12 and 1024X768 is minimal. I think we just need to face the fact that Flaming Cliffs is an intensive sim and it will be a long time before we see high, fluid FPS in every situation. I fly at 16X12 and generally speaking, the game play is smooth. I run textures at high, scenes at high, 50 km terrain preload, water medium, distance visibility medium, civilian traffic on, haze basic, 32 bit color, full shadows, heat blur off, and no mirrors or reflections. I have
  15. Well, this thread definitely caught my attention. I have a Lite-on DVD Burner as well as a Lite-on CD Burner installed on my system. I have Silent Hunter III and Flaming Cliffs 1.1 installed and I was just able to burn a copy of my wife's Jennifer Lopez CD. I am using Nero Express 6 which came with my DVD burner. Things seem to be okay with my system (so far). I am not a fan of Starforce and as someone pointed out in a different thread, the paying customers are the ones who end up getting the shaft. I don't like having it but unfortunately, it seems to be the way of the future.
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