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  1. This is an issue that is still ongoing with version 2.7. However I found out that removing the only "MissionEditor" folder fixes the problem, but I can't reproduce the bug and forgot to backup my folder, so I don't know which file is responsible of this (I saw some "cache" files that may be a good lead).
  2. Understood, so basically, the simpler the mission is, the less objects it has, the better it is to replay the track with minimum gap between original situation. The track I sent contains the mission from our server (Bullseye Francophone). Did you try to play it or did you try in your own missions ? Maybe some specific mission stuffs can be responsible of this ? Yes, I can confirm that I'm holding weapon release from the moment I see the release cue to something like 0,5sec-1sec after it crosses the FPM. The only thing I see that may create noise in procedure is the fact t
  3. What's causing the track to play incorrectly ? Is there a way to make it more reliable, like maybe smooth flying instead of rough maneuvres ?
  4. Hi Bignewy, Just happened again, here's the track which is way lighter than the first one (about 75MB). I forgot to do as I said: to try with another loadout configuration. Also, I'm not sure, but I had some strong turns. Can this issue be caused by an over-G maneuver ? If so, it is still pretty strange that this is not causing the first bomb to stick to the station... Have "fun".
  5. Hey there ! I had the same issue a few weeks ago and it happened again tonight: heading to target with 4 x GBU-12 on outer pylons. Configured the GBUs in-flight to seek laser code 1685, set the targeting pod to lase at this same code, set mode AUTO, set the EFUZ to inst, master arm, laser arm, everything looks okay, then release a first bomb that hits the target. Now, I rearm the laser, make sure the GBU is set with correct code and EFUZ, fly over my target, wait for the release cue to cross FPM while holding weapon release, then the whole system acts like the bomb is away, la
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