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  1. Hello there, I hope I won't say something stupid but here I go: This part of the cockpit is the projection part of the HUD. The glass in front of the pilot is just a glass, and in front of the glass, there is an horizontal lens. The tubs is for cable management
  2. Really? I'm sorry I didn't know that! But that's excellent news!!! <3 Thank you!
  3. Maybe I'm confusing the planes, but I remember a green buttons array on the right side, and one of them was illuminating or maybe blinking while activating ECM. But maybe I'm wrong about this precise exemple.
  4. If I'm not wrong, you can see a switch on the right panel that's illuminating when active.
  5. ECM switch, external lights, salvo mode and stuff like that.
  6. Checking the switch state by looking at them, and not pressing a binding to be sure you did what you needed to?
  7. I don't know if that can help but, didi you check that: https://support.virpil.com/en/support/solutions/articles/47001100343-how-to-attach-vpc-grip
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