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  1. Well, here's an example of the VSN-F14 as I attempted to bring the wings out before taking a stroll through the mountains- the bird never lost control, I was able to climb and roll with ease- However--
  2. In my testing and reading, the VSN version of the F-14 is using the SFM...thusly, its not going to 'act' accordingly atop a carrier's deck and carrier ops in general. In my test, I was never able to 'hook up' with the launch bar. Instead, I found the only way to launch from the deck was to literally drive down to the 'Ready Five' station, point my nose at the bow, and simply let'er rip- regardless of anyone standing in the way. I doubt seriously that the modder will be able to script the needed code for accurate carrier ops with any of the VSN models. So, iits a swim at your own
  3. Thought I'd have fun with the theme's loading graphics. Just to see if I would get any applause esp for those of us born before 1960- If I get requests, I'll upload a theme package that will update the entire user interface with a Revell focus.
  4. I'm testing VSN one by one...following the installments of Flaming Cliffs 3 and using the 'Saved Games' folder. At this hour, all VSN modules are working with v2.7 and I do note that Rafale, Eurofighter, Mirage lll, and the VSN-F-18 variants can land on the regular and super carrier. But hookup for cat launch code is absent and will probably remain this way due to the SFM limitations.
  5. I discovered the VSN series just recently, since its only been of late that I was able to upgrade my system with a good GPU and PS. Sadly, the VSN team ignores version 1.58, as it is still a very good platform to alot of us. If I may, I have a question about the VSN-F14 series A/B- Can the VSN_F14 mods perform carrier ops..that is, are they able to land using the trip wires and take off using the catapults? I've only had one landing and the display showed the nose buried under the main deck. And the only way I could take off using the vsn variant was if I taxied down to t
  6. Standard Flight Model....less focus on coding the cockpits to be fully 'clickable'...must use keyboard commands. But the 'Flight Modeling' in and of itself is up to ED standards
  7. Your 'Super-Sabre' has arrived. Include duo-chambering of 20mm for the gun rack, as well as the option to load duo pylons for two Aim 9-B on each pylon. Includes new themes and ME updates. Simply Drag the SuperSabre folder contents into your DCS Main directory. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315641/
  8. I, for one, am very grateful for your tree mod. This is how the world looks to me when Im above it all. The ground is a drab lettuce but in my world, we have alot of evergreen- spruce, pine, cedar and this is just what DCS needs. Not to forget that landscape doesn't need to be high definition is the jet world. So file size is very important. The smaller the file size, the less work any GPU/CPU has to do to display the effect. I do wish programmers would understand this basic of principles. No- they'd rather put 10 gigs of earth in one zip file or 20 zip files...there are simply better w
  9. The day came that I thought would never come. DCS showed me that I needed to invest in my system if I wanted to enjoy their goods and services. So I've ordered a GTX-1060 6Gb card and a 500 watt PS.. I have 24 Gb of DDR-3 ram on the MB....AMD A-10 processor. Need I concern myself with the current ram amount and type atm?
  10. ^^ I can feel your pain when you have hardware that will not support a given OS. No, I was never a Vista fan...I just kept using the WinXp3 until my system died. From there, I just bought a shelf system that came with Win81.. When I upgraded to Win10, I noticed that some of my games would fail to load or work properly. Then I read the fine print that MS would not support legacy anymore. So, like the days of Xp, I tune Win81 and I find it so much easier to secure and lock down. I was always a bit curious what the appeal was for Win7...I see so many gamers using Win7. I just a
  11. Thanks. Not trying to find a mod, its merely a case of ignorance. I was never able to keep up with the DCS products and services as much as I would have liked to. Life was busy with prioritie shifting every week it seemed back in the day. And it was so long ago, I have no idea if ED even offered a stand alone MiG29. It simply dawned on me when I launch DCWv158 that I see my Su27 and 33 purchase, along with the 2 freebies, but if there was indeed a M29, what happened that I didn't purchase one. Thanks Again- Eddy
  12. Simple Answer. Windows 8.1 does so much more with less hassle than Windows 10....Configuring Windows 10...I'd rather go to the dentist who's short on novacaine. Win8 supports older games better and easier. I've setup alot of new systems and older upgrades. Joe Internet thinks WinX is the final word....gamers know better that Win7/8 is the real sweet spot. Now, 5 years from now? 10? Technology smashes any and all crystal balls.
  13. As the title states....I run DCS World version 1.58 simply because my system isn't strong enough for the current World release. I bought MiG-29 from the store, only to discover after purchase that it was for DCS v2.5 and later.... So, I'm assuming that, in the days of version 1.5+ period, there was a MiG-29 stand-alone for the then DCS World. I have the Su-27/33 and they have a soft spot in my heart, but I'm missing my M29. Isn't there any way shape or form that I can purchase the MiG 29 for the late/great 1.58 version. I'm really hurting here.
  14. The question does beg itself- Why do we not see some kind of illumination (fire) as we view the fuselage exhaust port on the Sabre or the Fagot? I'm guessing someone will say that the planes in question did not have an 'afterburner' function for the period. Just curious as to why we don't see at least a color toning of sorts. I checked to be sure my 'Heat Blur' was set to 'High'...but alas, no difference. Thanks for the input- Eddy
  15. Using your text, I was able to copy/paste into Notepad++ and it worked. I'll remind myself to keep Note++ in my mind if the urge to edit strikes again... Thanks for pointing this out.
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