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  1. There is a -10 for the D model available on the internet. Why is this an issue?
  2. My understanding and expectation when they opened up the pre-order was that they were within 90 days of release. There were statements about how fast the development was going and how much simpler this module was than the jets like the Hornet and Viper that made me think they had it nailed down. We were told December, then late January, now we get an ambiguous "first quarter" and find that many basic functions like cold start are not even done. That is why I feel mislead, and why I feel ED's communication on this sucked. The only control I have in this is where I spend my money, and I have in the past bought a lot of modules I didn't really care about just to support ED. No more, and no more pre-orders for me. As consumers, we can vote with our pocketbook and that is what I will do.
  3. Yeah I am thinking its not looking good. Its been weeks since we have seen a video, and we still haven't got any on actual flying. And the silence is deafening. Its too bad, it was looking good and they built all the hype up with the teasers and pre-order, and then........................................................
  4. My "first" was a Commodore Vic 20, the 486 was ages ahead of that!
  5. There was not even a glimpse of a Ka-50 in the 2022 and beyond video, I fear BS3 may once again be DOA, or on a very very back burner.
  6. On the real aircraft, most of this would be done on a mission planning computer and just loaded via the data cartridge though, right? You wouldn't normally be do all this through the MFD?
  7. I have watched them both a few more times and I think its just the fact there are two phases, multiple types of points, multiple possible routes, etc. It is much more confusing than most aircraft where you have 1 route with a set of waypoints. Is there a way to drop a point for something you see through the IHADSS? So that if you see a threat or target you want to come back to you can easily mark it?
  8. I have already kind of read through much of the -10 for the Apache, so I had some kind of understanding of the MFD's, but man, I am having a hard time digesting Wag's videos on it. Anybody else? Maybe it will be easier when I can do some of the stuff hands on, but right now it seems pretty confusing.
  9. It is planned for release late January, so check back in about a month.
  10. Kind of like learning to write a coherent sentence is a waste of time?
  11. We need some civilians to put in missions so we have to avoid collateral damage.
  12. Just an AI Blackhawk......not sure what you are referring to?
  13. I have been seeing things on YouTube for the past week or two about some new setting in Nvidias newest driver that is supposed to make a significant difference in fps in games. Not sure if it applies to VR. I guess it has to be enabled in settings. Has anyone tried this in VR yet?
  14. I would hope something could be implemented that is "close enough" to represent the capability, without revealing any State secrets or even modeling the entire network. Sometimes, in a sim that is basically a game, good enough is good enough.
  15. When I learned to fly the Black Shark some years ago, I started flying it in Game Mode, then switched to Sim after I had gotten used to the controls and cockpit. Apparently, Game Mode has never been implemented on the Mi-24, even in the latest updates. Does anyone know if it is planned for the AH-64?
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