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  1. Let me start that I really find this is a great campaign! It gives a fantastic immersion and although the missions are really tough sometimes I like the varying character and the story behind them! I flew that particular mission around a dozen times, mostly being shot down at some point. With regards to landing I found that the only way to do this is to use RWY 04 instead of 22 - the one given to you by ATC. When coming in from the southwest you can use the road left of the RWY and the shelters showing out of the fog to the right of the RWY as landmarks. Coming in low you should be
  2. Hi everybody! I am quite new to DCS and simply love it. I chose the F-5 as a start and now I am trying the Black Sea Resolve campaign. There is just one things that bugs me: the course and altitude values in the briefings are stated in metric units - although I chose imperial in the general settings. Is that a normal behaviour or is there a fix? Many thanks in advance!
  3. Hello everybody! I am quite new to DCS and I love it. However I do experience the same issue: I have set the values to be imperial in the settings. In the mission briefing of the "Black Sea Resolve" the briefing values are metric. That's quite annoying. Different thing in the F10 airport view: The numeric values e.g. for the airport elevation are obiously feet, but the unit designator says meters (same as in the example above). Is there a fix? Many thanks in advance!
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