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  1. The reflections are great in VR. I hope they won’t reduce it.
  2. I don't know how I stated that Razbam are abandoning the MiG-19, because I didn't. But let me rephrase: I wished the MiG-23 wouldn't slow down the development of the MiG-19. Is all.
  3. What does the context change exactly? I don't get how I cherry-picked anything.
  4. Thank you for telling the truth. I still think that the MiG-19 fm should be fixed before moving on to other MiGs. This is me being honest.
  5. It's just dissapointing at this point. Being an old low-tech aircraft, the FM is the most important aspect of it. Their Discord says that they are focusing on the MiG-23 now and that the MiG-19 "is not getting deserved attention right now." It shouldn't be that way.
  6. Thank you for the response! Just did that. Unfortunately it shows as plain white for me. Weird
  7. Is there a chance that you could update the texture on the AAR Probe too? This would be my favorite livery if we had a shiny probe.
  8. Yes, please add this option ED. I can't fly the Anton in MP anymore. Waiting around for 10 minutes, while being tabbed out of the game is not immersive.
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