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  1. Quick update after about 2 months, I just gave up and got windows 10. So This thread hasn't really got an answer. Some things may work for you but they didn't for me.
  2. Hey there! Just for fun I decided I wanted to make some guides for the A-4E-C because it is a great starter plane as it is free, really cool, and great for learning. As a beginner I still don't have much experience so I thought I would get some feedback. Here are the 2 I have created already: Here is one for the AIM-9P5 missile https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Vf2c12-Y_MizebkgQvr2Aiuhxm6WiV35fypdTU-xPvI/edit?usp=sharing Here is one for carrier landings (Which I am still learning myself): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QXfd0EzllNivlcHOeNMjz5L6Ak1uaD4pKWZqy6_iHT0/edit#heading=h.nj23sjpj5u97 Thanks!
  3. I'm definetly gonna try out FC3 first, but i might try the C-101 later. It might just be me but it looks like a cross between a Su-25 and a T-38
  4. Yeah I have a numpad too and I use it but its alwasy cooler to have at as realistic as possible to me.
  5. Thank you so much Fairey Gannet, this was super useful. This helped me narrow down my first bought plane to be one of these: F-16, JF-17 (I have heard loads of great things about it), or FC3. last but not least, I wasn't planning on doing any head tracking until I saw this! Now I am definetly gonna do head tracking! Thanks again
  6. ok.... WOW This was super helpful and everyone that owns DCS should see this right now.
  7. My theory is that I still havent ever got past the black screen therefore I havent played the game to the saved games folder hasnt been created. I'm also thinking of just getting windows.
  8. Is that in the steam local files section?
  9. Ok, i just validated the game on steam but still no luck, or saved game folder.
  10. Thanks for responding, first of all, in my local files folder, I cant find the saved games folder. Second I do not have any mods. Third, I dont know how to run a verify in steam. Thank you, Edit: I have also seen fullscreen false be a common fix on this forum
  11. Hey all, this is so frustrating, whenever I launch DCS a window with the DCS logo shows up then another smaller one shows up and says "getting steam authorization data" and then all the windows disappear and a big black window shows up and flickers the DCS logo for a split second. After the flicker nothing happens, just a black screen. Here is a list of my hardware: DCS world Steam edition (via proton as i am a linux player) Ryzen 3 3200g 8gb of Corsair DDR4 ram AMD radeon rx 570 WD green 240 gb SSD AsRock B450m I'm convinced the problem might involve the proton emulator because I tried launching DCS on Lutris and that had the same problem. Although I have seen other proton users play DCS so I am very confused. Also I forgot one more thing; when I open the Steam window whilst the black screen is present, steam reports that the game is still launching
  12. Hey Caster, in long term i do plan on improving my setup to make it as realistic as i can. I was thinking about the F-18, it sounds like a great option. Thanks,
  13. Thanks so much. Right now my goal is to have a throttle and a realistic cockpit which does mean TrackIR but i think at the moment the throttle is my highest priority. Finally, the HOTAS configuration; as I am a Linux player using Proton and Steam, I am unsure if the Key maps will be compatible, but i will definetly try it out. Thanks again as it is really helpful to see how people progressed with their setups over time and made it better.
  14. Thanks so much for that, its helping me a ton right now and I am definetly going to follow those reccomendations and I just checked out FC3 and it looks like a great deal. Thank you soo much!
  15. Hey! I am new with DCS and I was wondering what are some good tips and tricks to know for a beginner as well as what aircraft are available for free and what aircraft is best to buy for beginner. I don't want to spend too much money on new aircraft but I also don't want to be stuck with the free aircraft only (I don't know a lot about what aircraft are immediately available but if someone could tell me that would be great). Finally, I own a Thrustmaster Stick and that includes a small throttle built in and i was wondering if that is enough to play the game and if i should invest in better peripherals. Thanks!
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